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.leaving on a jet plane.


Trevi Fountain -- near our hotel!

Ahhh, yes. I have just finished three article outlines, readings for an essay and nearly completed a second essay. Despite being holed up in my room all day (literally have not stepped foot outside), the day has been rather productive by most standards. And, fortunately, I still have a few hours of productivity in me before I get to sleep so I can wake up at 415A to head to the airport! Normally being up at such an ungodly hour would be unacceptable, but when one has to arise for the reason of heading to Italy, it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

So, being that our flight leaves at 730A, Lindsay and I agreed that getting to the airport a bit before 6A would probably be ideal. We’re leaving from Heathrow, a busier airport considering the big time international flights, so cutting it close is not on the agenda. Due to the fact that we live so close to Holborn station (home of the Piccadilly line), we had planned on tubing it directly from the station to Heathrow until we realized that the tube doesn’t open until 530A and doesn’t hit Holborn until 542A, which means getting to Heathrow before 6A would be impossible. Although there’s a pretty decent chance we would still make our flights, it wasn’t worth the headache. In lieu, we have reserved a cab at 4:45A to take us to Paddington Station where we can jump on the Heathrow Express (which starts outbound journeys at 510A) for 15 or so pounds. Although it’s a bit more expensive than tubing, our options were rather limited and missing our Roman holiday would have been a huge disappointment.

Also, we’re flying British Airways which works out well. Instead of the discount airlines (EasyJet, Ryan Air, etc.) where you are limited to one piece of hold luggage, we are allowed one checked bag, a carry-on and a personal item. Although we’ll likely forgo the checked bag, the carry-on + personal item bit is pretty nice. I’ll be able to take my laptop to upload pics and stay connected to the world!

All in all, I cannot wait to cross Rome off of my list of places to see! It hasn’t fully hit me yet, since I’ve been so engulfed in getting work done, but I know that I’ll feel that kid-in-Disneyland sensation when my alarm wakes me up in the morning! This time tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in a ristorante near the Trevi Fountain practicing my Italian, eating authentic Italian food and drinking Italian coffee. Meglio del sesso. That’s what I have to say about that.


Signature Stamp - Shannon

Also, if I didn’t mention: through Expedia’s UK site, we were able to snag round-trip tickets and two nights in a 3* hotel for 215 pounds each including all taxes! Pretty sweet deal, and we’re flying with a legit airline!


Beijing & Shanghai for $799!


I had to seriously double-take on this one, guys! I am even more stoked than usual because my mom has a minor obsession with Asia and has always wanted to visit. If you, too, are looking for an inexpensive way to visit China, this is it!

Beijing & Shanghai 8-Night Package WITH AIR for $799 from San Francisco! 

Typically, the airfare alone costs this much, so this is a serious steal. You can spend 10 days and 8 nights exploring two of China’s premier cities. Here’s what you get:

* R/T nonstop air from SF to Beijing
*Intra-China flights and ground transportation
* Airline fuel surcharges
* Eight nights first-class accommodation in centrally located hotels (5 nights at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Beijing; 3 nights at the Holiday Inn Vista in Shanghai)
* Full buffet American breakfast daily
* Services of an English-speaking tour guide

This package is available November through April with the $799 departure dates on December 4th and January 8th. Even if you can’t go on those dates, you can book other dates for $100 – $200 more. Such a great deal. Click here for more details! 
Book by July 21st.

Happy Travels!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


Fun in the Latin American Sun!

Wish you were here?

Wish you were here?

Yesterday I posted some travel deals available from San Francisco to help make your summer a little more exciting. Well today I have something even better! I have been dying to take a trip down to Central or South America and TravelZoo just recently announced that a number of airlines have some outstanding deals for trips this summer! The fares start at $373 roundtrip for travel on loads of dates through August! Not only is this nearly 50% off of normal prices, the prices below include tax!

Sample fares (roundtrip, including taxes):

  • Dallas to Liberia, Costa Rica … $373
  • New York City to Belize City … $422
  • Los Angeles to Bueno Aires … $553
  • Boston to Rio de Janiero … $608
  • Dallas to Buenos Aires … $619
  • Orlando to Buenos Aires … $631
  • Newark to Buenos Aires … $650
  • Las Vegas to Buenos Aires … $651
  • Washington, D.C. to Santiago … $690
  • Chicago to Buenos Aires … $691
  • Chicago to Rio de Janiero … $703

Book here  and be flexible with your dates  and you could be hanging out in Rio this summer!
Personally, the Buenos Aires trip is just calling my name!

Happy Traveling!

Summer Deals from SFO

Virgin America just announced a new sale and flights are up to $100 cheaper than yesterday! If you live in San Francisco or frequent SFO for flights, check out these deals:

– To Las Vegas: $49
– To LA: $49
– To Orange County: $49
– To San Diego: $49
– To Seattle: $49 (this one’s calling my name!)
– To Boston: $109
– To NYC: $109
– To DC: $109

These prices are for flights each way (which is still great!) and travel dates are from June 5th (best day ever!) to November 11th with the best deals from June 5th – 17th & August 26th through November 11th. You have to purchase the tickets by June 16th, so go book now! If you do take a trip to Seattle or the East Coast, send me pics!

Happy Travels,


$250 of Love.

I just got the greatest deal known to mankind. At least the greatest deal I have run into. EVER! Up until today, I still needed to book my ticket to London to get everything going for the fall (I mean, seriously — I have my tickets from London to Munich booked, but not my trip from the US to London? A little backwards, maybe.) I have been playing with the 17th or 18th of September because I want sufficient time to get acclimated, open a bank account, set up a cell phone, get a feel for the area, etc. but I don’t want to leave before the 15th, because I want to be in California to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday with her! Well, I was perusing the wonders of STA Travel and I found an unbelieveable deal! When I looked through Expedia, one of my most favorite go-to travel sites, the one-way tickets from San Francisco to London were around $500 a piece. Obviously anything with 1 or 2 stops was slightly cheaper, so that was the direction I was leaning. I figured a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland + 4 hours of layovers would definitely be worth saving $100 or more. Well, on STA this morning I searched the same one-way ticket and I found a non-stop flight from SF to London for $251.00! $251! The ticket itself was $110 plus $130 in taxes plus some other fee they added on. It was so good I had to buy it on the spot just in case it was a mistake (doubtful, but I guess it could happen!) With the British pound getting stronger against the US dollar, I can use all the help I can get in the money-saving department and this saved me about $250 alone! I’m so thrilled. If you’re under 26, this site is heaven. Check it out & save yourself some serious cash, yo!

Much love, lovers!

STA’s Trip Planner

So I’m kind of in love with STA. Since I’ve actually started playing with some of the tools they have online, it really is an awesome travel site. In addition to the amazing airfares (I’m getting my ticket from SFO –> LHR for $261!!), they have this awesome trip planner. You get to plan your trip from scratch & it allows you to choose your points of interest, dates you plan on traveling and various hostels and sites in the area that may be of interest! If you’re a student or under 26 and you’ve got an ISIC card, you can plan your route with their help. Their trip planner will let you take stops anywhere in the world, and tickets are valid for over 12 months. Even if you don’t have the money to really travel, it’s always fun to plan! Check it out & plan your much-needed getaways <3.

If you’re a student or under 26 and don’t have an ISIC (International Student Identification Card), you can order those through STA online, too. They’re about $25 and totally worth it if you use it!  I got my hands on one about six months ago and they’re great for getting discounts as you travel. In addition to student discounts on things like plays and museum tours, you also get discounts on BIG things, like plane, train and bus tickets! We all know how that stuff adds up!

Happy (discounted) travels,

Save $30 on Flights!


Hey everyone!

I almost forgot to share — STA Travel is offering $30 off on flights costing $300 or more! I’m buying my ticket to London this week to save an extra $30. The promotion code is $30off which you can plug in during the purchase process. I believe tomorrow marks the first day of summer, so it’s time to start planning. May as well save yourself some extra cash <3.

Happy Travels,