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Bundling vs. Rolling: Which Method Reigns Supreme?

I will be putting both the rolling and the bundling methods to the test in September. Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or for a move, packing efficiently is key. With so many restrictions on luggage size and weight, we all want to cram as much as possible into a relatively small space. I have been a practitioner of the rolling method for quite some time per my mom’s suggestion. The so-called “rolling method” involves (no surprise here!) rolling your clothing (shirts, cardigans, pants, dresses) to effectively fit as many items as possible into one piece of luggage. Additionally, packing lore would have us believe that this helps reduce the effects of wrinkling upon reaching your ultimate destination. I find rolling to take up less space, true, but I do still find occasional wrinkles (although less than standard folding and stacking). Now, I ran across the “bundling method” on a few savvy travelers’ websites. The bundling method essentially involves laying clothes on top of (and across) one another to eventually fold them all into one large bundle to make packing easier. It works like this:


The theory behind said “bundling method” is that ultimately, the bundle that is created is tighter (and more space-efficient) and causes less wrinkling than even the rolling method. The idea in this though is that you start with heavier items (jackets, jeans, etc.) as the outer layer of your bundle, with an item in the center to act as your ‘core’ (the item that the bundle is created around (think a small make-up bag, a case, etc.). Pieces that wrinkle less easily should be placed closer to the core. Per, a good order for packing may be as follows:

1. Jacket
2. Skirts, Dresses
3. Long-sleeved Shirts
4. Short-sleeved Shirts
5. Trousers, Slacks
6. Sweaters, Knits
7. Shorts

I am going to try my hardest to not over pack. My intention is to pack as many versatile items as possible. I tend to opt for nice, solid colors (which comprise the majority of my wardrobe) and pants & jeans that are easily interchangeable. I will probably only get away with 5 or so pairs of shoes (I will have to ship a few pairs…), but shoes can really dress up (or dress down) an outfit, depending on the outing. Also, as it tends to get chilly in England — an understatement, I’m sure — I will be bringing along a few scarves, some solids and some fun-colored to jazz up my monochrome outfits. Also, since accessories (jewelry, headbands, etc.) take up virtually no room and weigh next-to-nothing, I will be loading up on accessories to make my outfits work! I will definitely post pictures of my trial packing endeavor to give you guys some insight into packing for a year away from home!

Anyone have any tried and true packing methods?
Any opinions on the bundling versus the rolling methods?

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