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Viva Munchen! {Part II: Dachau}

So, you may recall a post from a few weeks back when I preemptively revealed that we were going to be partaking in Mike’s Bike Tour’s Neuschwanstein Castle tour. We were beyond excited to take a trip out of Central Munich into a remote area. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, a tour group of 34 kids decided they were going to do the tour on the same day, effectively occupying nearly all of the bus’ seats. The few seats that were left over were taken by people who had purchased their tickets the day before, so we were seriously out of luck. We decided, however, that we wanted to do something cultural; the beer tents were accessible, but we had already experienced that madness on Friday. Sarah proposed a visit to nearby Dachau, the site of the first concentration camp.

DachauDachauConcentration CampAlthough visiting a concentration camp wasn’t quite as happy as the castle tour, it was definitely an incredible experience. Consider that we can likely see loads of castles within the UK alone, the fact that we were able to see a Munich-based concentration camp was intense. I had no idea when I arrived, but Dachau was built in the early 1930s and actually served as a model for future camps. The camp and the museum were definitely eye-opening and heart-breaking, but it is something that I truly think would be a benefit to all people to see first hand.

After experiencing Dachau, we explored Olympia Park (the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics) and did a little souvenir shopping. After nabbing a Oktoberfest-inspired eco-tote and das boot (in miniature) I was set for our last night at The Tent. We kept our last night relatively low key, eating in and calming our souls before leaving Sunday morning. We managed to make it back to London in one(ish) piece and found our way around Munich using solely public transportation; definitely a bit of a feat for the neophytic travelers that we are. Note to anyone hitting up M-town: we nabbed a 3 day group pass (good for up to 5 people) for 21 euros, and it covered all of our travel within Munich via tram; such a steal. My overall feel for Munich? Despite the amazing history and some pretty amazing architecture, it’s not a city I would visit again. I think there are some places that are a ‘one time’s enough’ kind of deal and for me, this was one such place. Oktoberfest was amazing and the experience is something that should be had by all, but unless you’re hitting up O-fest, I think there are a number of other cities to better spend some time.

Next stop on the map? Scotland.

Lots of love,

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Off to Munich!


I have just finished packing 4 days of necessities into a 21″ carry-on. I’m really crossing my fingers that my luggage fits into EasyJet’s 50cm x 40 cm x 20 cm restriction… After being here for about a week, I’ve deciding that I suck at converting metrics. (Side note: When the man at the gym was asking my height and weight, he looked at me quizzically when I gave him my response in inches and pounds versus centimeters and “stones”… I was going to do him the favor of converting it, but I don’t even know what a ‘stone’ is. Probably something I should learn at some point.) In any case, I have managed to pack four tops, two extra pairs of pants, a pair of heels, a jacket, pajamas, an umbrella, toiletries, a couple of books and all of my necessary electronics (camera, phone, etc.) and paperwork (passport, bus information, etc.) into this bad boy.

I’m relying on the fact that a Deutsche Bank exists inside of the Munich airport, otherwise I will be Euroless until further notice. Additionally, the transportation from the airport to the actual hostel is another feat we can deal with upon arrival. I feel as though the lack of planning (read: spontaneity) adds to the adventure. If I find that the so-called “spontaneity” is actually a shitfest, I will do better to plan such mundane logistics beforehand.

That being said, I’m off to Oktoberfest tomorrow! I am incredibly excited and will undoubtedly be returning with a load of incredible pictures. I will also not have access to internet/phone service/general technology, so updating my blog and Skyping with the fam is a no-go for nearly four whole days!

I’ll see you guys back here on Sunday!

Lots of love,

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Dialed in for Oktoberfest 2009!

So, I booked my roundtrip flight to Munich from London a while back, but I officially have everything in order as of now! Our flight from LGW leaves on the 24th in the morning, and we have booked a bus from Fulham to LGW with EasyBus! We also got EasyBus tickets once we return to take us back to Central London. Gatwick airport is about 70 minutes from Central London, so public transportation was a must! Roundtrip tickets with EasyBus (to and from the airport) were around £13, plus the cost to Tube it from Covent Garden to Fulham (about a 30 minute journey). EasyJet also allows you to check-in for your flight up to 60 days in advance, so I checked in and printed my boarding pass this morning! Now that all of that is paid for and in order, Oktoberfest is sure to be an amazingly fun time!

We’ve been looking into Mike’s Bike Tours, which runs in both Munich and in Amsterdam, for a fun, informational bike tour of Munich. After checking out all of there offerings, we found the most amazing full day tour of Neuschwanstein Castle, which takes a scenic trip through the countryside, a trek through a waterfall and gorge and ultimately a tour of this amazingly gorgeous fairytale castle.


The tour runs full time during Oktoberfest and is a full day tour with pick-up and drop-off in central Munich. The entire tour costs 39 Euros (hostelers with a receipt get a discount; normally it’s around 48 Euros) and includes the journey by bus/train and the bike ride. Considering the half day tour costs 18 Euros and only covers the central part of Munich (still beautiful!), we’re leaning towards the full-day extravaganza to get the most out of our brief stint in Munich. I still can’t believe that I’ll be seeing all of this amazingness first-hand. I’ll keep you guys posted with amazing photos & blogs about everything!

Has anyone done a tour like this before? What did you think?

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Oktoberfest 2009!


It is official! I have booked my plane ticket to Munich for Oktoberfest 2009! I will be going with a  group of new friends during the latter part of September (24-27th) to spend a few days in Germany before heading back to reality for the start of the school year! We’re staying at a cool little place called The Tent, which is literally a tent site to camp out on the cheap (around $10 a night!) Although there are some more sophisticated options, tents are pretty inexpensive and apparently there are loads of people to meet there! Considering everyone under the European sun will be in Munich during September/October, the prices are exorbitant anyway (hello, supply & demand!) so it seems like a good way to save some cash and spend it on more worthwhile items! Also, what does one wear to said event? I’m assuming it’ll still be warm outside in September? Maybe that’s too much of an assumption…

So pumped! Still have to book my flight to London in September.

Looks like I’ll be leaving the States on the 17th. Goodbye, Sunny California.

Also — still looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line <3.