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Phone Plan… Check!


So, I got my bank account situation in order last week and NOW, my phone situation is one less stress! I have spent the last couple of months scouring UK phone plans. I looked at Vodafone, Orange, 3 and other other providers, but ultimately my heart was set on O2. O2 is sort of the equivalent of our AT&T in the US. They are the only ones that offer the iPhone, plus they have loads of pay-as-you-go plans, monthly tariffs and SIM only (something that I thought was kind of unique).

Now, I knew that I wanted the iPhone, but I had read that the monthly tariffs (phone plans = tariffs) were difficult for international students to acquire due to their lack of credit, etc. Even after looking at both tariff types for the iPhone (pay-as-you-go versus the monthly), they were both rather pricey. The 3G S is obviously more than the 3G, but I opted for the older version due to the cost differential. Even with the 3G model, the monthly plans are only available in 18 or 24-month contracts. Though it is possible I will reside in the UK for 18 months, that’s not my plan as of now, and having to deal with cancellations and extra fees isn’t really my cup of tea (pun intended?). The best monthly plan that I ran across for an 18-month contract was a 44.05 GBP per month plan. The plan includes 1200 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited Wi-fi and they give you the iPhone for FREE! Now, honestly, I would have been willing to pay the 44 pounds per month (right now 44GBP is about $70-$75) because of the fact that the phone is free, plus unlimited web access, etc. It’s actually a pretty good deal if you live in the UK or are planning on living there for 18+ months.

Now, the pay-as-you go plans/tariffs work in a different way. You pay an up front fee of 342.54 GBP (about $556 right now), and with that you get the 8GB 3G iPhone on the O2 network, plus you get unlimited Wi-fi for the 12-months following purchase. You also get unlimited UK minutes to landlines and other O2 phones when you top up 30GBP per month. Well, this one sounds like it could work for me. I likely wouldn’t top up 30GBP per month since the point of doing this would be to keep minutes to a minimum. Otherwise, I might as well do the 18 month plan for 44 GBP per month!

Regardless, both of these ended up giving me a headache; thinking about the extra cost of a phone is a task. I knew that I wanted an iPhone because of the functionality and the coolness factor, plus I need a switch after years of a BlackBerry (although they’re cool, too). This being the case, I stumbled upon O2’s SIM-Simlicity plans. You have to provide your own phone that can function on the O2 network. For many, this means just buying one of the cheap-o O2 phones that they offer for under 50 GBP. I decided, however, to purchase an unlocked iPhone that can work ANYWHERE. The SIM plans are available on a month-by-month basis or a 12-month contract. With the 12-month plan, you get 33% more since you’re on a longer contract. For 19.58 GBP per month, I get a SIM card to put into my new iPhone that has a monthly allotment of  800 minutes, 1600 texts and a bolt-on of my choice. The “bolt-on” (additional feature of your choosing) can be any of a number of things: unlimited O2 to O2 calls, unlimited texts, unlimited web access, unlimited Wi-fi, unlimited weekend calls, unlimited landline calls or 200 extra anytime minutes. I opted for the unlimited web! So, for under 20GBP per month, I get 800 minutes, 1600 texts and unlimited web access — I mean, really? In a stroke of luck, I snagged my UNLOCKED iPhone (3G) on eBay for under $200! The extra benefit is that since it’s unlocked, and not attached to the O2 network specifically, as I travel, I can purchase SIM cards in my country of residence (if I’m there for a semi-long period of time) and use their SIM cards to allow my phone to work (and not incur roaming charges)! All around a perfect fit for me!

Thought I’d share — it took me months to figure out what option was best and now that I’ve stumbled upon it, I have to share the wealth :)

Much love,

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