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Around the World Party

I have been absolutely worthless today. It’s true. Aside from hitting up campus this morning to turn in a paper, I have been holed up in my room for the entirety of the day, napping and generally being worthless. I have never (I repeat, never) had a hangover this bad in my life. Like I mentioned, I’ve never been much of a wine drinker, but I had entirely too much wine last night which left me feeling like absolute sh*t today! After falling asleep at around 230A, I (for some reason unbeknownst to me), got up a 7:20A wanting to die. After about an hour of tossing and turning, I decided it would be better to use the time productively and head to campus where I could a) turn in a paper, and b) get a breakfast sandwich at the Garrick. I thought a few liters of water and a decent breakfast would cure this awfulness. Silly me. Silly novice-wine-drinker-me. Didn’t help. Came home and passed out for three hours. You would think that with the entire day at my disposal, I would have finished my readings and write-ups for two measly papers, right? Nope. I’m on paragraph #2 of the first article and have made zero progress.

Worthless. I think I’m gonna go back to not liking wine <3.

Here are some snapshots from last night… hanging out with my lovely flatmates prior to our party:

[California, Thailand, Georgia (the country, not the state)]

Keti & I; check out our sweet kitchen lights!

With Aaron — an honorary flatmate.

Fon took this picture — adult prom photo gone wrong. Hahaha. Cracks me up.



Exploring the City!

It has been such a jam-packed day! I have had an amazingly productive day and have been on the go for a good 9 hours! I met up with Alex this morning in Trafalgar Square so we could explore the city together. Although I got a bit lost and ended up taking the long way to Trafalgar, it was definitely a sight worth seeing! The square houses Nelson’s Column and faces the National Gallery, which is a gorgeous sight unto itself! Amazingly, all of the national museums in Britain have free entry — perfect student outing!

National Gallery, LondonTrafalgar SquareNelson's Column, London

In honor of the London Design Festival, the square also hosted a giant chess set game with 32 unique ceramic pieces inspired by English culture, monarchy and the city of London.

Chess Table

After linking up, we headed south past the Thames to catch some awesome views of the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament — the day was absolutely beautiful (70 degrees and mostly sunny!) so the view was perfect!

London EyeBig BenBig Ben & Houses of Parliament

Post-Big Ben, we hit up Covent Garden for a bit of sightseeing and lunching! Although it was crazy packed, it’s such a great area — aside from loads of awesome shoppes (think L’Occitane & Lush!), there was an indoor market of sorts where people can purchase fresh fruits & veggies.

Covent Garden

Aside from the sight seeing, I also managed to get a lot done! We hit up H&M where I purchased a few Euro pieces (leggings & a couple of sweaters), plus I purchased a blowdryer, got a SIM card for my cell phone & purchased an Oyster card to use at the Tube stations! Although I’m pretty exhausted (and it’s only 745P), it was a super fun day and definitely made me more optimistic about living in London!

Tomorrow is a morning meet up with a couple of girlfriends plus a jaunt to LSE & maybe a visit to the British museum!

Lots of love,

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To check out more pictures of London, click here.

When in London…

It’s now 930P, London time, and I’m sitting in my accommodation, typing away thanks to the internet connection that I just got working! I have now been in London for about six hours and have made it from the airport to my flat without any issues and got a permanent room assignment. The verdict? Not the biggest or the fanciest rooms, but definitely more spacious than I had anticipated and the kitchen is actually pretty sweet! The bathroom (W.C., I mean) and the shower are super tiny, but I think I can manage.

High Holborn Room ViewI am (obviously) in the process of unpacking still and definitely need to hit up a Primark & get some real sheets, but I have a twin bed, a desk (to the left) a night stand with a few drawers & loads of plugs. I just bought an adapter for about 5GBP at a local shoppe.

High Holborn Room View On the left (about five feet from the end of my bed) is a vanity with a sink and cabinets. The “closet” with the open door on the right is incredibly small. I have three jackets in there now with a couple of pairs of jeans and some shoes, but there is no way I will ever get all of my clothes in there. I’m trying to be as resourceful as possible, but I may need to hit up an Ikea!

ShowerTeeny little shower… the toilet is in a different room.

KitchenThe kitchen extends a bit further than this picture would allow, but it has a fridge, a freezer, a table, stove, dishwasher, cabinets, utensils, a microwave, a coffeemaker and an iron + ironing board! It’s totally equipped and it’s big enough for all of us to be able to sit and enjoy! Thank God — morning coffee is in the picture!!

After getting moved in, I definitely went into a bit of panic mode. My internet didn’t work and my iPhone isn’t configured to actually call anyone yet. Worse, the O2 shoppe and the banks are closed on the weekend (even on Saturday!) so it looks like I will be bankless & phoneless until Monday. Luckily, I did get my internet running so I feel much less overwhelmed and much more connected. I also snatched up an Oyster card for public transportation, a converter (to plug in my laptop) and changed some money at a cash point. I’m still a bit overwhelmed, but I think tomorrow will be much better when I’m on a normal schedule and get to explore. Plus, I am (hopefully) meeting up with a girlfriend to explore the city together, which will be nice. On the bright side, the weather is gorgeous — 70 and mostly sunny. Here are a couple of pictures of the area within about a half mile of me:

Street PhotoLondon PhoneboothShaftesbury TheatreThe theatre is literally across the street from my complex <3.

Time to put some clothes away and get oriented — hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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Merry Me!

Tomorrow marks the LSE Bon Voyage event at Jillian’s in San Francisco. I will be in attendance along with a few other soon-to-be LSEers at an event where we can all get to know each other (and LSE alumni), ask questions and hang out! With less than two months until the big move, I’m experiencing a heightened level of excitement and nervousness! I’m sure the nerves are natural as I am leaving behind my family, my boyfriend and everything that I have known for the past 23 years, but the excitement… yes, that’s the part that’s best! Since I have been assigned housing (my second choice, but a great location, nonetheless), I have taken the time to explore the area surrounding my flat and have been getting thoroughly excited about the opportunities for education and entertainment surrounding my new home!

Below is a map of the area that I will be living in, on the corner of High Holborn & Drury Lane (Postcode WC1V); see the arrow.

HH Housing 
Although I was 50/50 on the area when I first got word on my housing, I have found that it is close to so many brilliant points of interest that I’ve started getting thoroughly excited! Since walking is the mode of transportation for most, the fact that the points of interest are within walking distance or a short tube ride, makes this all so fantastic. Beyond that, many public places such as museums and historical sites are free to visit, helping to offset the otherwise ridiculously high cost of living in the city. Here are some awesome places I will definitely be checking out once I arrive (all traveling distances & times are courtesy of Transport for London):

* The British Museum: Located on Great Russell Street, a short four minute walk from where I will be living, this is on the top of my list. The British Museumis world renowned and has an amazing exhibits that constantly change. Although some exhibitions can be seen at a cost, entrance to the museum is 100% free!

* Covent Garden Market: Although touristy, Covent Garden is a very cool market with quirky craft stalls, boutiques and restaurants. At only nine minutes walking, it’s a nearby jaunt for all things cool. In addition to shopping, fashion and food, it also boasts some interesting history and architecture!

covent garden market

* The National Gallery: This gallery houses Western European paintings from 1250 AD. Think Van Gogh, da Vinci, Cézanne and Constable. Only a thirteen minute walk. Brilliant.

* Trafalgar Square: A short fifteen minute stroll from my flat lies Trafalgar Square, home to Nelson’s Column, the largest Christmas tree in London come December (courtesy of Norway) and St. Martin-in-the-Fields church. All around, a top tourist sight with so many goings on at any given point.

* The London Eye: Question: The Eiffel Tower: Paris as ______ : London.  
Answer: The London Eye. Although it’s new (built in 2000), the London Eye offers amazing views of London and its awe-inspiring sights. A thirty minute walk from my place, it’s not super close, but it’s very much one of those must-see one-time deals. And the “flight,” as the experience is so aptly named, costs 17GBP with no student discounts available… Although it’s pretty cool, it may not make the top of my list.st_james_palace

* St. James’ Palace: Built between 1531 and 1536, St. James’ Palace has a pretty amazing history, having acted as the home of many famous queens and kings throughout history. After reading The Other Boleyn Girl, the twisted history of the monarchy tends to pique my interest. A worthwhile twenty-nine minute walk from my flat, St. James’ housed Anne Boleyn the night of her coronation.


* St. Paul’s Cathedral: Not so close, but not all that far, all things considered. A twenty-nine minute walk from my flat to the front steps of St. Paul’s,  the cathedral is the fourth in a line of cathedrals occupying that very land that has been dedicated to St. Paul since 604AD. Talk about history. The current cathedral, with it’s world-famous dome was built from 1675 to 1710 and costs 8.50 GBP to visit. Better yet, attend a Sunday Service at 10:15 and get the full experience… for free!

With so many sights nearby, I have been tempted to invest in a bicycle (a cheap-o version, mind you) upon arrival. Although walking is commonplace and a good way to get some exercise and sight-see, I find that biking is equally invigorating, plus it’s a huge time saver!

Want to see what attractions are near to you?
This site allows you to map attractions within a given area (5, 10 or 20 minute walking) based on your postcode, nearest tube station or nearby attraction!

Happy Travels,

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I’m Getting (Even More) Excited!

With school out for the summer and me finding myself with a lot more free time than usual, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with reading, exercising, miscellaneous projects, etc. One of my newest and most favorite activities is thinking about London, sightseeing, traveling and living overseas! I just have to share — the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I’m going to miss everyone here, but this is going to be the most amazing year! I’ve been perusing the LSE website religiously as well as sites like Stuck in London, Time Out London, and Londontown, and have happily (and subconsciously) been putting the suffix on all web pages versus the good old .com ending that we’re trained to use here! I am living in such a fantastic location that I’ll be walking distance fromCovent Garden, the amazing shopping and entertainment in the West End,and a tube ride away from the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge and Westminster Abbey. There will be so much to see in my own area that I’ll never be bored. Plus, with plane fares to Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Manchester available on special from 5 pounds per ticket, there will be a never-ending list of things to do and places to visit when I have time (that I’m not writing essays, studying or working on a dissertation). The more I think about it, the more excited I get and the more okay I am with having to pay back $40,000 at the end of this excursion. I will be coming home with a Masters in one year from a well respected University PLUS a year of travel and cultural experience that will be invaluable! Can’t wait <3. 

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