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The Cost of Being a Gym Rat


CardioI actually contemplated learning to enjoy running. I figured if I could enjoy running, then I could – in effect – have an amazingly inexpensive way to exercise anywhere! For the coming year, I could run by the Thames in the mornings instead of hitting up the gym. Well, unfortunately for me, I hate running. I’ve tried to like it, but I can’t. It’s not particularly enjoyable for me and, additionally, I find that I feel better after working out at the gym. Hopping on the elliptical, tossing around my massive 5 lb. weights… there’s something fantastically invigorating about it. Perhaps it’s being in an environment where other people are working out and getting healthy that makes me feel accomplished. Regardless, this feeling has definitely lead to an addiction to gym-going and being a gym member. Accordingly, I have to pay to be able to go to a fun place to exercise; to be able to use the cardio equipment & weights. Although the $30 per month membership that I now have through 24 Hour is more than worth the small cost for me, I have had to look at various gyms in the London area for the coming year to find the best student deals to accommodate my addiction. After emailing a few local places, here’s what I’ve found {please note, LSE has a gym available at £100 for the year, but I have yet to hear anything good about this so-called “gym”}:

Cannons – Bloomsbury
Mecklenburgh Place
Bloomsbury, London WC1N 2AY
Telephone: 0845 2413836

Cannons – Covent Garden
11 Endell Street
London WC2H 9SA
Telephone: 0845 2413840

Central YMCA
112 Great Russell Street
London WC1A 1DD
Telephone: 020 7343 1700

Central Point Gymnasium
New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1DD
Telephone: 020 7240 6880

Fitness First – Embankment
Concourse Level, 1 Embankment Place
London Wc2N 6NN
Telephone: 0870 8980602

Fitness First – High Holborn
246 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EX
Telephone: 0207 831 4911
Pricing: £38 per month for a 3 month membership; £33 per month for a 12 month

Jubilee Hall Club, Covent Garden
30 The Piazza
London WC2E 8BE
Telephone: 020 7863 4835
Pricing: £44 per month EFT — this gym is loaded: tanning, group classes, therapies, etc.

LA Fitness – Holborn
Lacon House, 84 Theobalds
London WC1X 8RW
Teephone: 0870 607 2143
Pricing: According to a website I found (I still need to verify this) £19.99 per month for a student membership with limited hours, £30 to £40 per month at full price!

Oasis Sports Centre
32 Endell Street
London WC2H 9AG

Soho Gyms – Covent Garden
12 Macklin Street, Covent Garden
London WC2B 5NF
Telephone: 020 7242 1290
Pricing: £50 per month as an EFT payment, £155 up front for 3 months or £500 up front for a 12-month contract

Check this website out for a pretty comprehensive list of gyms in Central London!

Does anyone have any gyms that they recommend for students?


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Not-so-Pretty Peel

This is what my face looks like!

This is what my face looks like!

Hey Everyone!

Thought I’d share a quickie update with you guys! Yesterday was my first glycolic peel ever! Amber, my esthetician used about 30% glycolic along with a few other components (Vitamin C, etc.) to help brighten my skin. I opted to add a peel to my facial as a preventative measure — I’m hoping to keep hyperpigmentation and wrinkles out of sight! She began with a lactic acid exfoliator to prep my skin to help the glycolic peel penetrate deeper. Even the lactic acid stung so I was a little worried about the glycolic! She mentioned that she typically leaves the acid on for about a minute and a half, depending on the skin. Literally as soon as she applied the glycolic acid to my face, I could feel the “tingling” sensation; tingling is definitely putting it mildly! She took it off about a minute into the peel since my skin started pinking up. Although the stinging persisted for a short period, as she began using more soothing products (moisturizers, etc.) on my skin, the stinging faded and my face felt totally fresh, although not very different. I couldn’t see an immediate effect and the texture didn’t seem to change very much. Last night, however, while I was sleeping my face would not stop itching! I could feel my face heating up (as if I had a sunburn) and it was irritatingly itchy, although incredibly smooth! After showering and putting on sufficient SPF this morning (courtesy of Dermalogica), my face was RED. It still feels quite hot and mildly itchy. All around, it looks and feels like a sunburn. After reading some articles on glycolic peels, it seems as though this is relatively normal so I’m not worrying too much. Right now, I’m just waiting for the itching to go away– I want to put my face in a bowl of ice cubes!

Hopefully it’ll be better by tonight!
Happy Friday,

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Fantastic Facial <3.

Facial Prep!

Facial Prep!

Homemade Mask!

Homemade Mask!

Putting on the Mask!

Putting on the Mask!

Buenos dias, sunshines! Yesterday I told you guys about some facials for folks on a budget and last night I decided to whip one up and give it a whirl before heading out to see the Lion King at the Community Center (more about that later!) As I have been doing everything in my power to keep my skin healthy, young and glowing, I used some ingredients to help make my skin soft and bright for the evening! Seeing as how I didn’t have all of the ingredients for any of the recipes that I posted on hand (fresh out of cranberries… boo!), I concocted my own facial using some ingredients I had in my cupboards and in my fridge! Here’s my homemade recipe:

Strawberries & Cream Facial:
Strawberry (1 or 2), mashed

After I put this together, I swear I wanted to eat it; it smelled so good! I don’t have exact measurements; I pulled a Rachel Ray and eyeballed the entire recipe, mixing and mashing it into a small bowl until it was the desired consistency. My original concoction ended up being a little thin, so I poured out a tid of the milk and added more oats to thicken. After slathering the mixture all over my face, I let it sit for about 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water and a wash cloth. My skin felt great, but it wasn’t until this morning that I noticed how amazing it felt — my entire face, including my occasionally bumpy jawline was super silky smooth! I still have enough left over for round #2, and my bowl of goodness is hanging out in my fridge just waiting to be used. I think I’ve temped my boyfriend to give it a go. If that happens, I will definitely post pictures!

Love & smooth skin,

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Can TV Make You THINNER?


Can TV help make you thin? It sure can! Not in the way you’re thinking — snacking on chips while watching re-runs of That 70’s Show will probably not help you get anywhere with your weight loss plan. But that ON DEMAND button on your remote that you’ve been curious about? Now that may help you with your aspirations to tone up before jet setting this summer! For anyone that has ON DEMAND, ExerciseTV is likely the most amazing thing you will ever have encountered!  For anyone that’s just too busy to make it to the gym (or if you use that excuse!) you can now exercise in the comfort of your own living room. I know this conjures up images of 80s exercise videos and multi-colored sweatbands, but that’s definitely not the case here. I am addicted to working out with Jillian Michaels and the other Exercise TV trainers. After a cardio sesh at the real gym, I’ll head home and do strength-training with my TV trainers (Jillian & Jackie are my favorite)! I keep a couple of sets of weights and a mat nearby so I can turn on yoga, Tae Bo, Jillian Michaels’ Shred workouts or the Hollywood Body series to tone my tush (it’s a work-in-progress…) before bathing suit season. There are hundreds of exercises and they constantly add new stuff so you won’t get bored! My favorite part (especially for women!) is that you can lift weights in your home, do squats and lunges, and wear your grubbiest workout clothing ever because no one is watching! I hate lifting weights at the gym when there are men EVERYWHERE in sight, but being able to do it at home at my own pace (hellllo, pause button!) makes it so much more bearable and so much more FUN! Definitely worth checking out. If you don’t have access to the elusive ON DEMAND key, hit up their website for workout plans and workouts to download (for a small fee). You can burn your favorites onto CDs and take them with you while you’re traveling! Fun! <3.

Here’s to a healthier you!


Download the “Hollywood Body” workout here!