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I find myself inspired by the most ordinary of things.

The way that coffee comes to sit in my cup after traveling a long road from a farmer and a plant in Central America (or South America, or Africa, etc., etc.) The way that colorful pumps manage to totally invigorate an otherwise mundane outfit. The way that I can actually see the leaves on trees when I have my glasses on. The way in which a well-written text (or textbook, for that matter) can ignite previously undiscovered thoughts. The way that our minds really have power over matter.


Today, however, my inspiration comes in the form of a well-known e-auction house: eBay. Pierre Omidyar is a true luminary. In a time when our now-everyday technology was relatively new to the masses, he brought us an amazingly innovative way to shop. Although I have used eBay since its inception, it is in recent times that I have really discovered how powerful it truly is. I recently purchased my iphone off of eBay and could not be happier — not only did I save money on the phone, but I managed to purchase an unlocked version for use in the UK. Also, since eBay does us the service of “rating” sellers and buyers for us, I was confident in sending $200 through cyberspace (via PayPal) to a person that I had never met. As per usual, my order arrived on my doorstep within 5-7 business days: convenient and efficient. I didn’t even have to leave my desk! Yesterday I also purchased a cover for my newly acquired iPhone. $6 for two hard covers (white & black) with free shipping. Voila!

Although I harness the power of technology on a daily basis, every so often I have to take a look around and appreciate the efficiency that computers, the internet and technological advancements have borne. What would we/could we do without the internet? Without email? Without search engines and Wikipedia to help with our last-minute research endeavors? Without e-Trade for our stocks and without CNN and E! Online for our daily news? How could we live without social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Can you imagine having to send in paper applications to apply at a university or having to send actual mail (with stamps!) to communicate with people across the world? How ever would we survive?!

Thank God (& tech whizzes around the world) for technology — what would we do without you?

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