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Moving on Up!

Hey everyone!

I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved to my own self-hosted blog site! Visit my new & improved blog at:

Hope you like the new layout and material! With the new site I’m able to upload my personal map, photos & videos from my travels!

Visit me there & bookmark the new location!

Lots of love,


Shop Shamelessly!

charity : water necklace

Hello Kiddos!

You may or may not have noticed a new tab on my website. If you didn’t, I can’t hold it against you. It’s brand, spanking new and it’s calling your name! {Please seeThe Scholar’s Shoppe located above!} After a fair bit of research and checking out the American Institute of Philanthropy’s site, I found a number of websites with super cool (and cute!) products that would make anyone happy! Better yet, these purchases make more than one person happy — when you purchase any of the items listed, a percentage of the proceeds from the item(s) goes back to the given organization to help fund their charitable endeavors. I tried to compile a veritable slew of organizations and items to please a broad range of people with a broad range of tastes. There are shirts, scarves, bags, necklaces… even scented colored pencils! While assembling the list of charities and organizations, I tried to find the cutest products (that I personally love!) that contributed the largest portion of proceeds back to the organization. Many of the products give 50-65% back and some give even more!

Please take a moment to peruse The Scholar’s Shoppe when you have some free time and take a gander at some glorious gifts that give back. If you know of an organization with super fun items that isn’t currently listed, let me know! I’m more than happy to add them to the list if their organization and their products are legit. 

Much love & happy shopping,

Signature Stamp - Shannon

It’s Business Time

Due to the fact that I tend to become rather obsessive with things that I do, I have (inevitably) decided to create/order business cards for my blog! I have looked at a various designs to try to re-create something creative and cool to be able to distribute! I found a few that I thought were befitting of my blog and the overall travel/education theme.

blog bizcard

I’m really diggin the design of these ones. They totally look like snazzy luggage tags — so perfect <3.

blog bizcard 2

I like the postcard feel of these, but I’m not sure if they’d be my first choice. Again, fitting for the travel aspect!

blog bizcard 3

These kind of remind me of the first ones, but more of a train ticket-feel. Still unique!

blog bizcards long and thin

These guys are simple, but they have a cute shape. They may be lost more easily though…

Alternatively, I would like to make my own business cards with a cool picture on the front (an iconic landmark, or many iconic landmarks if I wanted different versions!) and simple wording on the back. I wish I could upload what I’ve created so far, but it includes my actual signature (which you can see in my blog sign off now!) with my website title, my name, the website URL and my email address. Super simple and clean but still cool.

Tell me — which is your favorite?
Vote or leave me a comment!

Signature Stamp - Shannon