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Delivery Numero Dos!

As an adult, there is something so ridiculously exciting about getting mail that’s not a bill. I remember being twelve years old and getting Teen magazine and being overly ecstatic at the prospect of receiving mail with my name on it (versus my parents’). As I got older, I realized that I got plenty of mail, but it happened to be in the form of a Nordstrom bill, a Best Buy credit card payment, or an entirely-too-frequent parking ticket… somehow mail as an adult is much less exciting than it was as a child. Today, however, was amazing! I received my second package since arriving and it absolutely made my day!

Delivery! Despite it’s rather petite size, it was surprisingly heavy and all the goodies tucked away inside put the hugest smile on my face:

Box of Goodies <3.Although you can’t tell, the box was full of American items that I’ve been absolutely missing! Two ridiculously huge jars of peanut butter (creamy, of course), three sticks of deodorant (so I can throw my spray deodorant away!), a coffee mug and the equivalent of eight boxes of Fiber One bars (mocha/chocolate, if you’re curious!)

Fiber OneMy shelf is now covered with Fiber One bars (plus that box is full of as many as I could fit inside); I think I’ll have my fill of Fiber for the next few months!

Skippy! You can probably now see how ridiculously huge these jars of peanut butter are. There’s enough to last through the year, if not longer! I am a peanut butter LOVER: PB&J is always a safe bet (plus a comfort food), PB&Carrots, PB&Apples, PB&Banana on an English muffin… there are so many brilliant ways to use it. Plus, American peanut butter (Jif, Skippy, etc.) is a million times better than Brit peanut butter; more processed, probably. Plus more sugar. Tastes a million times better.

In any case, I’m going to go to bed extremely happy and fulfilled tonight. Thank you, Chris!

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a PB&J.

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Also, unrelated note: Please notice the new ‘Poll of the Week’ on the sidebar to the right. There are so many things I want to know and thus have created a weekly poll with random questions for the week. It takes two seconds to answer the poll, plus it’s an interesting turn out. If you’ve taken the time to read this entire post, you likely have the extra two seconds to answer, I’m sure. Plus, it’s fun. For me, at least. <3.


Christmas 2009: Paris or London?

As bizarre as it will be spending the holidays away from my family, the thought of spending $1000+ to wallow on a 12 hour flight back to California for a week is more than a little daunting. Although I had assumed I would be home for the holidays, I have decided that I would rather use that money to travel around Europe and see some new places. Plus, let’s be honest: jet lag sucks. So, now I’ve come upon the real question.

Where should I go for Christmas?

London at ChristmasLondon at Christmas

Paris at ChristmasParis at Christmas

I’ll be in Malta visiting my family from the 13th through the 18th of December, but I have nothing else scheduled for the rest of my break (which goes until the 10th of January). With such a huge gap in time, it seems advantageous to use that time to travel and see as many places as possible. From what I’ve heard, Paris is amazing during Christmas (with the Eiffel Tower all lit up!), but a London Christmas would probably be equally fantastic. I would like to book something within the next few weeks so I’ve been doing some serious investigating! Best deal so far: London to Paris on the Eurostar + 4 nights near the Champs Elysees runs about £233 during Christmas!

What do you guys think? London or Paris?
Is there another place that would make for an amazing Christmas?

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It’s Business Time

Due to the fact that I tend to become rather obsessive with things that I do, I have (inevitably) decided to create/order business cards for my blog! I have looked at a various designs to try to re-create something creative and cool to be able to distribute! I found a few that I thought were befitting of my blog and the overall travel/education theme.

blog bizcard

I’m really diggin the design of these ones. They totally look like snazzy luggage tags — so perfect <3.

blog bizcard 2

I like the postcard feel of these, but I’m not sure if they’d be my first choice. Again, fitting for the travel aspect!

blog bizcard 3

These kind of remind me of the first ones, but more of a train ticket-feel. Still unique!

blog bizcards long and thin

These guys are simple, but they have a cute shape. They may be lost more easily though…

Alternatively, I would like to make my own business cards with a cool picture on the front (an iconic landmark, or many iconic landmarks if I wanted different versions!) and simple wording on the back. I wish I could upload what I’ve created so far, but it includes my actual signature (which you can see in my blog sign off now!) with my website title, my name, the website URL and my email address. Super simple and clean but still cool.

Tell me — which is your favorite?
Vote or leave me a comment!

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New Theme — Yay or Nay?

Hey Kids!

I have been playing with the idea of changing the look of my blog and I ran across this new WordPress theme that I absolutely love! The colors are great, it’s easy to navigate & the style seems a little more befitting of my personality.

Is this new theme a winner or was the good old, tried-and-true Albeo theme a better match?
What do you guys think?

Malta, here I come!

After holding my grandfather’s memorial yesterday and meeting so many amazing Maltese people, I cannot WAIT to head over to Malta later this year or early next year. Considering I will be a short four hours from the island, it seems logical that I’d be able to make it over there for a three or four day stint. I snagged an academic calendar off of the internet which I think should be pretty accurate when I’m there (although I still have to verify!):

Autumn Term
28 September – 11 December

Spring Term
8 January – 19 March
19 April – 18 June

19 June – September

Obviously, a chunk of that break time is dedicated to studying & writing papers, but some of it will definitely be used for exploring. March might be a nice month for a trip over to Malta, Sicily & Italy — take note, Staci & Stefanie! I definitely want to take a trip to see Mosta (where my grandpa was born) and Qormi (where my mom was born), but what else should we be visiting? For those of you that have been to Malta or have lived (or currently live) there… what are your suggestions?

Thanks for the suggestions — can’t wait to see my Maltese family sometime soon!


Pick a country, any country!


Although I am diligently studying for my Finance final (which will be plaguing the class on Monday), I have also been  intermittently flipping through my handy Let’s Go! Europe guide and looking at the oh-so-amazing places to check out in Europe. I have a good-sized list of places that I have to see, but here’s the real question: where do I go first?! Of all the amazing places worth seeing, which lucky country should be first to stamp my passport?

Send in your votes!

Thanks for the feedback <3.