Soliciting Home Remedies!

Somewhat ironically, I have begun experiencing the symptoms of a cold on the horizon. For the record, it’s ironic because I was just having a conversation with a group of kids here about how I never get sick (clearly jinxing myself). While so many people have come down with cold after flu this year (credit to the change in location, perhaps), I have managed to stay relatively healthy — not a flu bug or a cough in sight. For the last two days, however, I have felt the ominous tingle in my throat and have been experiencing that sinus pressure that makes you want to empty your head out. You know the one?

So, I guess I effectively jinxed myself. I am getting sick, as much as I hate to admit it. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stuffed nose and an achy body. On top of that, I slept until 1130! That’s seriously unheard of, so I’m going to accredit it to the fact that my body is trying to recuperate. I’m all about home remedies right now. I’m not really familiar with the NHS here and I don’t very much want to see a doctor that I don’t know (Dr. Kazadi, if you’re reading this, I miss you!) In lieu of doctors visits, I’m going to try some at-home healing: loads of H20, perhaps some Emergen-C packets and some tomato soup!

Here’s the problem: being that I don’t get sick very often (I’m probably jinxing myself again…), I’m not really familiar with all of the tried-and-true home remedies. Herbs? Teas? Homemade concoctions? Whiskey?

Anyone have a secret for banishing sore throat and sniffles?
Please leave me a comment & share your remedies!

Lots of love from your sickly traveler,


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