Solo in Scotland

So, after much deliberation about Paris versus London for Christmas, I have decided (much to my surprise) to head up to Edinburgh, Scotland for my pre-Christmas solo adventure. I actually hadn’t given Edinburgh much consideration, but after looking at the costs of Paris from the 20th to the 23rd, I decided to explore other options. Had I booked Paris a few weeks back, I probably could have snatched a pretty decent bargain on the trip, but having had waited until just a few weeks before departure, the prices have gone up. Although it wasn’t exorbitant, it would have cost around £350 – £400 for the four-day jaunt. Edinburgh’s running me just under £210 including roundtrip flight (on British Airways) and three nights in a 3-star hotel within a half mile of all major sites [courtesy of Expedia]! I know that I’ll visit Paris at some point during the year, and due to the fact that it’s much pricier than Edinburgh, I’d rather split those costs with a traveling buddy and put my euros to better use elsewhere.

So, as of this morning, it’s all officially booked. My wallet is £210 lighter, but I think it’s a worthy investment. Edinburgh has some great Christmas markets during that period, so it’ll make for a nice setting for sightseeing and having some alone time. I’m super excited to be able to travel on my own for the first time. Being in a country that shares my native tongue and my primary currency is also a bonus. Plus, since I have four full days (getting in at 930A the morning of the 20th and leaving for London the evening of the 23rd) of exploring at my disposal, I’m planning on using one of those days to head up to the Highlands on a tour to do some extra sightseeing. From all of the literature that I’ve run across, Edinburgh is a pretty small/compact area that can be seen in a couple of days, so I’m going to do my best to make the most out of my Scottish soirée and see as much of the country as possible.

Looks like my room isn’t going to see much of me in the latter part of December: Malta from the 13th – 18th and Edinburgh from the 20th through 23rd. Gotta love Europe!

For anyone that’s been to Scotland –
Any must-sees to put on my list?

Your neighborhood traveler,


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  1. Posted by Aman on December 5, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    Copyright Violation…
    Neighbourhood traveller is sounding similar to neighbourhood spell checker :-))
    On travel the only place to be on this planet is univ ave palo alto….. that’s just me… some places just stay with you for life…. How I miss it :-((((((


  2. Came across your post via the Edinburgh tag on WP – have a look at my locals’ guide to Edinburgh for ideas on things to do and all things Christmas ! I would recommend Timberbush tours for your day trip, best company by far out of all the Edinburgh market. Have fun – it’s a great place to be at this time of year, but then I would say that ! Alison


    • Hey Alison,
      Thanks for the tip! I was actually looking at TImberbush and trying to decide which tour company was best. I’ll have a look at your site — I’m excited for some solo travel time! Happy Holidays! :)


  3. Remember it’s dark here waaaaayyyyy earlier than England, part of any trip you choose will be travelling home in the dark – but well worth getting out the city especially if it’s a clear sunny (but cool) day, the Scottish countryside is beautiful.


  4. Posted by Tira on December 6, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    Shannon, a woman I work with….much younger, was an exchnge student in Edinburgh while in college and plans to spend Christmas there next year…I will check with her for some must see/do sights activites!!! Enjoy your trips.


    • Hey Tira!
      Thank you — that would be wonderful! I’ve been trying to find a few things to do (there are some fun plays, markets, etc.) but any insight from someone who’s been there/lived there would be awesome! <3.


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