Agapanthus & Tree Branches en Route!

My room is boring. I’ve known this for some time now, I suppose. Sure, I spiced it up with a chocolate brown duvet and some latte-inspired sheets, but the drab walls and metal door definitely add to the institutional feel of the place. After visiting a fellow postgrad’s room in the same building, I realized that despite the limitations of room size and overall dullness, there is a huge possibility to make the room a million times cooler and more homey: her place was covered in cool posters, fun accessories and bright colors; very her. In any case, between reading about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and discovering that Michel Foucault was gay, I found myself perusing the AllPosters website to find some new items to add some color to my room. An hour later, I am the proud owner of three amazing decals! I was this-close (envision my thumb and forefinger nearly touching) to purchasing a chic set of London/Paris/Roma/New York posters to grace my walls, but instead I ran across these bad boys:

These are going right above my bed (as shown above), which I think will be perfect for taking up the open space. Plus, it’s the first thing you really see when you walk in through my front door.

These decals are going right above my study area. I actually grappled with the idea of getting the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” but that particular set was twice as much… being that I’m a student on a severe budget, I’ve opted to carry Gandhi’s touching quote in my heart and purchase the less expensive (but nearly as cool) decal set.

These are actually going to be cooler than they look, I think (I hope). I got all of the decals in the chocolate color to go with the overall neutral-chocolate-latte color scheme in my room. I’m planning to have the Agapanthus sit on the wall right next to my bed (as if they’re sprouting from my bed) to fill up the large empty wall in my room.

I’m hoping that those pieces will add enough spice. If not, I’ll have to grab some fun accessories from a local store to make the room a little more unique. Home sweet home?

Happy Sunday!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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  1. Posted by Aman on November 8, 2009 at 8:25 AM

    Its Gandhi and not Ghandi.. which means something very different in Hindi :-)
    Not trying to be a spell checker here so please dont mind. Its just that all through my stay in California people used to call me Amanda all the time which never amused me since i am not Amanda so thought of giving our dear old Gandhi a helping hand here.


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