Arsenal v. AZ Alkmaar!

So, I feel like I’ve finally been inducted into British life. I saw my first football game at the Emirates last night! In a Champions League game, Arsenal played Dutch team AZ Alkmaar (pronounced ah-zed allck-mahr) and won 4-1!

I met up with my friend, Nick, who is an Arsenal fanatic and had saved a ticket to the game for me so I could witness European football first-hand. We met up a bit before the game to explore the Arsenal grounds and hit up a local pub/shrine to Arsenal!

Our first stop was the new stadium (built in 2006, I think):

We also hit up ‘The Armoury’, Arsenal’s gift shoppe of sorts where all things Arsenal exist: normal things like shirts, scarves, boxers, mittens, hats, etc. grace the store, but there are also sections dedicated to dog toys, video game controllers (emblazoned with the Arsenal logo), Christmas ornaments, gift wrap and even a toaster that imprints AFC on your toast!

The Armoury

Needless to say, I learned very quickly that football is definitely not just a sport… it’s more like a religion here! In fact, I dared not say the world ‘Tottenham’ or mention my most favorite team, Manchester United, too loud anywhere in the midst of Arsenal fans.

The pub was covered in pictures of Arsenal players, memorable moments and fans and nearly every single person in the pub was wearing an Arsenal shirt or scarf to show their support. Ridiculousness!



I also made some new Dutch friends who sang ‘I wish they all could be California girls’ to me a number of times throughout the night. To anyone who’s wondering, there’s pretty much nothing funnier or more entertaining than watching a group of drunken grown men singing.

Dutchmen!Despite being from Amsterdam, they were supporting Arsensal, too. I’m sure if they had said otherwise, they would have been eaten alive. (Also, please note my sweet Arsenal jersey). Following the pub, we went to the game around 7.30, just in time for kick-off, and our seats were spectacular!

Up close & personal!We were nine rows up and had an amazing view of the pitch, the players and the entire, jam-packed stadium! The new stadium is absolutely gorgeous and it was definitely a good induction into British culture. Plus, the fact that they won 4-1 (along with the fact that I’ve just recently discovered that Cesc Fabregas is absolutely gorgeous) adds to my London love. Although I’m still a Man United fan, Arsenal’s definitely my London team to support!

Lots of love from London,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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  1. Enjoyed reading about your day at the match at Emirates, and saw your commment about “Wicked” on Twitter. Travelling to London for some shopping(well, probably a bit more than just “some”:-)), football and a musical in the beginning of december this year. Wondered about Wicked, and your comment made us request for tickets!
    Have a nice day!



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