Heaven&Hell Cruise! <3.


After last night’s adventures, I have resigned to being holed up in my room for the next few weeks handling an enormous amount of papers, readings, and presentations to be completed before the end of November. Since I’m now in my 5th hour of readings for today, I’ve decided to take a brief pause to post some pictures from last night! After uploading photos, I noticed (sadly) that I didn’t have nearly as many as I would have liked… a rare occurrence for someone who takes pictures like it’s going out of style.

Rita & Alex kept with the theme for the most part, going as angels, but I did meet up with the Blues Brothers (aka Ronan & Aidan):

Blues Brothers

and had a run in with Kim Jong-il (aka Wen Fa):

Wen as Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il
Almost uncanny, right? For anyone who’s reading this and is super impressed with Wen’s locks of love: the hair cut is courtesy of one Ronan Conlan, hair designer extraordinaire! For a small fee, he can make you, too, look like “one of the most mysterious leaders in the world” (CNN).

The boat cruise was super fun, too, and lasted way longer than I had anticipated (left at 7.45 and docked at 11.30P). We got a little bit of sight-seeing in and enjoyed copious amounts of cider (speaking for myself, of course).

Tower Bridge


London Eye

All in all, it was a fun way to spend Halloween and has definitely inspired some desire to host regular costume/themed parties! Dressing up is always way too much fun <3.

Side note: for anyone considering a boat cruise — definitely a cool way to do some sight-seeing. Highly recommended.

Hope everyone else’s Halloween was a blast,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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