Christmas 2009: Paris or London?

As bizarre as it will be spending the holidays away from my family, the thought of spending $1000+ to wallow on a 12 hour flight back to California for a week is more than a little daunting. Although I had assumed I would be home for the holidays, I have decided that I would rather use that money to travel around Europe and see some new places. Plus, let’s be honest: jet lag sucks. So, now I’ve come upon the real question.

Where should I go for Christmas?

London at ChristmasLondon at Christmas

Paris at ChristmasParis at Christmas

I’ll be in Malta visiting my family from the 13th through the 18th of December, but I have nothing else scheduled for the rest of my break (which goes until the 10th of January). With such a huge gap in time, it seems advantageous to use that time to travel and see as many places as possible. From what I’ve heard, Paris is amazing during Christmas (with the Eiffel Tower all lit up!), but a London Christmas would probably be equally fantastic. I would like to book something within the next few weeks so I’ve been doing some serious investigating! Best deal so far: London to Paris on the Eurostar + 4 nights near the Champs Elysees runs about £233 during Christmas!

What do you guys think? London or Paris?
Is there another place that would make for an amazing Christmas?

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  1. Don’t forget that some recent research shows that chickpeas (and that of course includes humus) can be as effective as Prozac and much tastier and in fact better for you :)


    • Posted by Brandon on November 28, 2009 at 2:03 AM

      Hi Shannon! I ran across your post inadvertently but thought I’d chime in. Why not do both? I surprised my partner with a flight to Paris leaving on the 22nd in time for a Christmas arrival. Through my luck and the gracious people at British Airways we now how a 14 hour layover in London right after Christmas. I’ve been to Paris (spectacular) but never London. Just an added bonus to the Christmas trip!


      • Hey Brandon! I think I might just do that! I think I’ll do Paris from the 21st through the 24th and then be back home in London in time for Christmas day! Should be fun! Happy Holidays :)


  2. My vote for Paris – the most beautiful city – how can it be any more beautiful at Christmas? I can’t imagine. Like gilding the lily!!

    Merry Christmas!
    Joyeux Noel!


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