O2, M&S and Laundry — Brilliant Sunday.

I’m sitting in my room, munching on carrot sticks and hummus while re-reading tomorrow’s essay and simultaneously scouring my room for dirty laundry that can get a bath tonight in our laundry room. Today has been fairly productive, despite sleeping in until 10:15A. I hit up O2 this morning and managed to get a real phone plan (yess!) — 12 month contract for £19.58 per month inclusive of 800 texts, 800 minutes and unlimited web. Not too bad. I officially feel re-connected after three weeks of sub-par service.

Seeing as how London sleeps on Sundays (nothing is open and if it is, it doesn’t open until 11A or 12P — caters to hangovers, I suppose), I took a leisurely stroll down the Strand at around 1045A, knowing that O2 likely wouldn’t open until noon anyway and stumbled upon Paperchase, one of my favorite card/gift companies ever (tied with Papyrus), which happened to be open before noon!  Missing my family, I decided to snag a load of cute postcards to send home. It’s also a special someone’s birthday in the next couple of weeks and I am desperately trying to find the most amazing birthday gift ever! With international delivery time, I’ll probably have to throw some goodies in the mail soon to make it before the end of the month <3.

Paperchase Postcards
After my Paperchase/O2 action, I hit up good old Marks & Spencer for some grocery shopping! Now, after finishing some readings and checking over my first essay (due tomorrow!), I need to get some serious laundry done! Looking forward to tomorrow — aside from my classes, I am expected a delivery from Argos: some drawers (to accommodate my clothing), a duvet set and some pillows! Can’t wait!

Everyone else have a great weekend?

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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