Show Me The Money!


So, I’m happy to announce that I just received my HSBC card! Yessss! I think I willed it into being since I’ve been thinking positive thoughts for 20+ days now. In any case, I have run into the issue of transferring money from my Bank of America account into my HSBC Passport account. I have deposited a large amount of money from US Loan Checks directly into my HSBC account (at a $1.61 exchange rate… only a couple of cents higher than the actual; not bad) but since that takes up to six weeks to clear, I need some cash to be thrown in there ASAP. Now, the most obvious option would be the direct wire transfer from B of A to HSBC. BofA allows account holders to wire money online now, so it makes it super easy, but they offer two plans of attack:

1) Transfer ‘x’ amount of dollars from the US into the UK and allow the UK branch to exchange the money at their exchange rate on the given day of receipt


2) Transfer ‘x’ amount of pounds sterling from the US into the UK account at the exchange rate provided by Bank of America on the given day (today the exchange rate is $1.589 but BofA is having me change my money at $1.668!!)

I spoke with the guy at HSBC and he said that the latter option seemed to be the most viable since (theoretically) HSBC can make the exchange rate whatever they want at the time of receipt — for example, although the exchange rate at this moment in time is $1.589, HSBC’s exchange rate might be $1.63 and Bank of America’s might be $1.61 — the $1.589 is a base but not a given… banks have the flexibility to set their own rates based on the market. For peace of mind, he said that exchanging it at a higher rate that you are sure of might be better than depositing the money and just hoping for the best! This seems like a logical idea, but BofA’s pricing is extraordinarily high. Like I mentioned — though the exchange rate is $1.589 right now, BofA is going to exchange my money at $1.668! That’s such a rip-off it’s asinine. For people that aren’t obsessive about following the rate of exchange every second of the day, this might seem okay, but I guarantee you it’s not. So, that being said — I don’t like either option. They both seem shitty to me and I feel like either way, I’m losing money that should be mine.

So here’s my shady, alternative plan of attack: Since Barclay’s and Bank of America are sister banks, I can pop into a Barclay’s branch and take out 200 GBP at the exact exchange rate at that moment in time without incurring international fees or bank transaction fees. Soooo… I might make a few runs to Barclay’s over a week or so and take the cash from Barclay’s and run it over to HSBC and deposit the cash in my account. Obviously more work than the direct transfer, but at least I’m not being charged a $45 wire fee + an exchange rate that I’m not comfortable with.

Anyone else have ideas on how to work the system?

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