Fabulous Fridays!

So, after being an amazing student this week and forgoing a number of nights out to actually study and write an essay, I felt 100% justified in treating myself to a bit of shopping at Top Shop and grabbing a few goodies before heading out tonight! Although I hadn’t planned on spending much money, I ran across three dresses that were calling my name and I had to invest. On the bright side, Top Shop offers 10% off for students, so my £97 bill ended up dropping to £88ish. Not bad considering I got three super cute items that are easily reusable.

Long Sleeve MiniThis mini is super mini and entirely too sparkly, but it’s definitely cute for a fun night out. I was actually interested in investing in a black angular mini, but this one had to suffice.

Top Shop MiniThe zebra print (above) was super cute on, but I actually found the same item in a royal purple that was gorg. Definitely stands out in a crowd. It looks really tiny but it’s actually not so bad… relatively speaking. I’m not the tallest of human beings so I think it’s a good fit.

I also snagged a darling white, one-shouldered mini dress that’s perfect for going out and has serious potential for my Halloween angel outfit. Alex and I are (likely) going as a devil and angel pair for Halloween (for the Heaven & Hell Ball)  and the white mini is spot on for this outfit. I need to find myself a pair of super cute wings and a halo to finish off the outfit, but I think it’s doable!

Tonight, we’ve gathered up a group (including Wen Fa, who I must mention herein) to celebrate Peter’s birthday tonight at The International! We wanted to find a super cool, lounge-y place where we could dress up a bit and celebrate and this joint looks spot on! It’s sister bar is the Dirty Martini which we hit up the other night and loved so we thought this place deserved a fair chance! I’ll keep you posted on how amazing it actually is tomorrow!

Now I’m off to do some scholarly work and get ready for a super fun evening!

Lots of love,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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