My Four-Day Weekend Begins!

Setting Up Shop in the Library!

Now that I have officially chosen my schedule, my classes are relegated to a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday schedule, which frees up Thursday through Sunday! Although I had hoped that my four-day weekends would be used for the greater good (read: traveling to far off destinations and general fun-having), I have decided that days such as today, when travels are not planned, my Thursdays through Sundays actually prove to be amazing days for studying and catching up with class work. Although my classes only occupy a few hours of any given day, the readings and projects outside of class are a whole different story. I am currently in the library (my new home away from home), studying, finishing up a paper that’s due on Monday and trying to get as many readings as possible under my belt before the weekend officially hits. I would imagine tomorrow would be uncannily similar.

I can’t say I mind much, though. I rather like being able to hit the gym in the morning and then following it up with some intellectual stimulation. The library almost forces me to be productive and it feels pretty good to get things finished. I’ve decided that I’m a perfect check-list user: I love the feeling that comes with being able to check off blank little boxes; even the most rudimentary items on the list feel like a feat when I get to tick the box!

On the bright side, I was able to actually go out and socialize last night! First and foremost, I hit the Social Policy Society meeting at 630P where I was elected Social Chair of the Society (yessss!). Essentially, I get to be a party/networking planner for the society — right up my alley and I think it will be a good outlet for my unused planning energy. Post-Social Policy meeting, I hit up the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden, a fun little Canadian bar where we got to celebrate my fellow North Americans in all of their Canadian glory. Although I didn’t get to order a rye and ginger or poutine (typical Canadian fare, I guess?), it was a small induction into the coolness of being Canadian. We migrated to a fun little joint called the Dirty Martini on Russell Street to partake in 1/2 off wine from 1030 – 1130. Magically, I made it home just a bit after midnight and got a fair night’s sleep in!

After all that fun, it’s definitely time for me to get some work in — time to sign off the internet and turn my focuses to essay writing and CV perfecting!

Lots of love,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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