Registration, Orientations & Classes… Oh My!


This week has been insanely jam-packed with registration, orientations and mini-assignments. Although I should be more overwhelmed having found out that I have two papers due within the first three weeks of class, I found that the departmental and course orientations actually calmed my nerves. I finally feel like I’m here for a purpose and I’m incredibly excited to actually start class and go to the lectures. My course orientation was particularly exciting since I had a chance to meet my lecturers, all of whom seem incredibly interesting and friendly. On top of that, our course administrator is amazing and has already got me pumped about the coursework and our weekend at Cumberland Lodge during Lent Term. I’ve tried to meet as many people as possible in my course and so far it has been a very international experience! I am one of three US students in my course; there are kids from Uganda, Peru, Moldova, Malawi, Ireland, Greece, Sudan; I can already tell that it’s going to be such a cool experience being able to take classes with such a diverse group! I finally got signed into all of my classes through Moodle and already have some readings to do before our first lecture on Monday.

LSE Campus

We had our Fresher’s Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and I signed up for a load of clubs! Since I worked full-time during my undergraduate career, I wasn’t able to participate in as many clubs as I normally would have, and I am sooo excited to be able to get involved this year! I joined a few academic-ish societies (Development Society, Social Policy Society, Politics Society and a Technology Innovation & African Development Society), but also hit up the RAG (Raising & Giving Society), Hummous Society & the Vegetarian Society, both of which I am super excited for! I’m considering a social chair position in the Development or Social Policy society if one’s available since I have an undying love for all things that involve planning.

Now that I’m all registered and officially feel like I’m part of the school, I was super pumped to hit up the library and check it out! LSE is home to the largest social sciences library in the world and it’s a pretty amazing sight (I realize that amazing is a subjective term, but for any scholar/academic, this place is like Christmas!) I topped up my student card in the library and was able to get printing right away! I am officially ready for class.

Now to finalize some class choices — stay tuned…

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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