Jet Lag: Averted

Keep Jet Lag at Bay

It is my mission to be as jet lag-free as humanly possible when I arrive on Friday. My flight leaves San Francisco airport around 7P and arrive in London at 1:35P (UK time) on Friday. Considering it’s a straight, 10 hour flight, getting some sleep on the airplane should be relatively doable. I will hopefully be going to the Coldplay concert with my girlfriend on Friday night, so I MUST have the energy to be fun & enjoy it to the fullest. Here’s my plan of attack:

1. Lots of Water. Although this will inevitably result in heightened lavatory use, I think water is key on a long flight like this. Many experts think that lack of hydration = increased jet lag, so pumping in some serious H2O should hopefully help on this front.

2. A one cup of coffee limit. Please. We know that this is relatively impossible considering the ridiculous amount of caffeine I tend to consume, but if dehydration = jet lag, and caffeine = dehydration, then it follows that caffeine must increase jet lag (If a = b, and b = c, then a must equal c, right?) This is going to be quite a task, but I’m going to try to drink WATER only… I said try, mind you.

3. Sleeeeeep. Since there are no stops to wake me up on this flight, I think that catching some shut-eye will be amazing, if possible. I have a relatively difficult time sleeping on planes unless someone I know is with me. I’m going to pop a couple of pills before I get on the plane to help knock me out (Benadryl, perhaps?), plus I’m toting a mini pillow (courtesy of grandma) and an eye mask… maybe some earplugs are in order, as well (I don’t know if there are any pesky children on this flight, after all.)

4. Pack My Own Snacks. I don’t think airplane food is all that awful, but I definitely prefer to bring my own healthy snacks in case hunger strikes. There’s something comforting (for me) about eating something that I know is good for my body. I’m packing a bag of mini carrots and cucumbers (which may double as puffy-eye deflators) and some trail mix.

Does anyone have good tips on avoiding jet lag?

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