My Top Five: My Favorite Places to Visit

Although this year will likely bring about a number of new favorite places to visit, thus far there are a few hot spots that top my list of favorite places to be: to explore, to marinate & to soak in. In ascending order:

#5: Maui, Hawaii


It would be wrong to not include Maui on my list, but it really (barely) touches the top five. There’s something undeniably relaxing about Hawaii. Perhaps this is seeded in the knowledge that you’re on an island, far, far away. The beaches are gorgeous, the weather is tropical and the sun is shiney. Despite all of this, I find Hawaii, in general, to be extremely overpriced: in addition to flights & accommodations being exorbitant, food and souvenirs will also cost you your first born.

{Note: Travel to the small town of Pai’a and check out Des Amis for the best crepes & curry you’ll ever have in your life!}

#4: Seattle, Washington

After my Independence Day visit to Seattle this past July, I was amazed by the city. I was expecting a big city, similar to that of San Francisco or London, but instead was surprised by a culture that was quintessentially Seattle, a unique culture not shared by any city that I’ve seen. The streets were clean (something that you wouldn’t see in SF) and the downtown area was an amazing blend of city and sea. Pike Place Market is home to the most amazing farmer’s markets in the world — an amazing, bright selection of fruits, vegetables and nick knacks. Add quirky shops, fish galore & niche cuisine and we have a winner.

#3: San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to just be. There’s a vibe in the city that’s just so amazing. The culture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with little districts throughout that house a culture that is unique unto itself. Whether you’re interested in art and exhibits (the deYoung Museum), parks (Golden Gate Park), shopping (helloooo, Union Square!) or amazing eateries, this is one of the best places to be. Due to the amazingly diverse population, there are restaurants and activities for everyone; I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with a visit. The only downside — it’s incredibly expensive. If you want to find a place to stay on the cheap, don’t expect the neighborhood to be the most prized.

#2: London, England


When I revisit this post next year and create a new Top 5 list for 2010, my new home town may very well jump up to #1. After all, I fell in love with the place in four short days, goodness knows how I’ll feel about it after an entire year! London is a city amongst cities. From my perspective, it shares many similarities with San Francisco — a diverse population, amazing eateries, some fantastic parks, wonderful shopping, crisp/less than amazing weather and exorbitant prices! The overall vibe in the city though, in conjunction with the amazing history make for an awesome visit — there are so many things to see, learn & love!

#1 Santa Barbara, California

Ahhh… Santa Barbara, the most beautiful place on earth. Everything about this place makes me happy: the weather, the town, the farmer’s market, the people, the scenery. It’s quintessential California and although I have only been there on two occasions, I loved every minute. The weather is perfection (much like that of La Jolla) and the town is pristine; I don’t think I saw a piece of litter the entire time there. If you dream about California, this is the place you dream about. <3.

There are so many other places that I’ve visited that I’ve absolutely loved — El Salvador, Northern England, La Jolla, Carmel, Florida — but those are definitely my top five for right now. I’m sure that 2010 will bring an entirely new list of favorites.

What’s on the top of your “favorite places” list?

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Short, sweet and enjoyed your feedbacks. My take – although I agree that Maui is expensive, you cannot put a price on paradise.
    Soon to retire on Maui!


    • That’s true! If you have the money, I suppose Maui is the place to spend it. Although I have heard that Costa Rica is fantastic and is not nearly as pricey! Perhaps a better retirement locale :)


  2. london city bueatifull and enter tain ment city plz visit london city im adnan


  3. im adnan my contect 92-0300-6113825-


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