Bloody. Lift. Quid. {Take Note}.


I ran into a family from Newcastle while I was in San Francisco this past weekend. When they asked what the impetus was for my move abroad, I explained how I had always felt a soul connection to Britain. If you’ve experienced such a connection before, you know the feeling to which I’m referring. If you haven’t, hopefully you’ll get a chance to understand one day. I feel as though I should have been born in England; as though a piece of my soul is hanging out over there, waiting for me to join it. That’s a good portion of the reason I applied to graduate school overseas: I wanted to live where a little piece of my soul was hanging out on its own and, additionally, I wanted to find out if it was a place that I could settle, if not for a long while, at least for a brief stint to breath in all things Britain.

That being said, my newest fascination is British slang. Much like the California slang that is (over)-used here (think: dude, shit-faced, cash, “bucks”, etc.), Brits have their own slang that is super fascinating. Plus, it’s getting even more fun for me to use this verbiage while I’m in the US. It makes me feel cool. Here’s a mini British dictionary to reference. I know you all want to start using these words in your everyday vocab!

Absobloodylutely: Adv. Like the American “abso-f*cking-lutely”. Tmesis at its finest.
Ace(!): Adj. Excellent, wonderful
Noun. Ass. 
Banger: Noun. A sausage; as in “bangers and mash.”
Bang On: Adj./Adv. Exactly, correct.
Barking: Adj. Insane, crazy; short for “barking mad.”
Bloke: Noun. Fellow, man.
Bloody: Adv. As an intesifier. e.g. “I’ll bloody thump that idiot.”
Bloody Hell!: Eclam. An exclamation of surprise
Bobby: Noun. Police officer.
Bog Roll: Noun. Toilet paper (slang)
Car Park: Noun. An area where cars are parked; a parking lot
Carriageway: Noun. Part of the road that carries traffic
Cash Machine/Cash Point: Noun. An ATM machine.
Cheerio! Exclam. Goodbye!
Cheap as Chips: Phrs. Extremely cheap.
Chips: Noun. American French fries.
Crisps: Noun. Thinly sliced fried potatoes; chips in the US.
Current Account: Noun. Bank account; checking account.
Daft: Adj. Odd, mad, crazy, eccentric.
Dodgy: Adj. Unsound, unstable, unreliable.
Fancy: Verb. To like, to desire.
Flat: Noun. Apartment
Fin: Noun. A £5 note.
Footie: Slang. Football (soccer)

Git: Noun. An idiot or contemptible person.
Hash Sign: Noun. Pound sign (#)
Headmaster, Headmistress: Noun. Person in charge of an educational institution
High Street: Noun. Primary business & shopping street.
Jacket Potato: Noun. Baked Potato
Lagged/Laggered: Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [London use.]

Lift: Noun. Elevator.
Loo: Noun. Toilet, restroom.
Maths: Noun. Mathematics; math.
Mince: Noun. Ground meat, especially beef.
Motorway: Noun. Freeway; largest class of road on British network.
Number Plate: Noun. Car license plate.
Nutter: Noun. Lunatic, idiot.
One-off. Adj. Occuring only once, singular occurance.
(Cornish) Pasty: Noun. Hard pastry case filled with meat & veggies
Petrol: Noun. Gasoline.
Pissed: Adj. Drunk.
Postbox: Noun. Mailbox.
Postcode: Noun. Alphanumeric code to identify address; zip code.
Quid: Noun. Cash. One pound sterling.
Row: Noun. Fight or argument.
Snog: Verb. Kiss.
Spot On: Phrs. Exactly.
Straight Away: Phrs. Immediately; right away.
Trainers: Noun. Sneakers, athletic shoes.
Uni: Noun. Abbreviation frequently used for university.
WAG: acro. Wives & girlfriends; common in headlines referring to athletes.
WC: Noun. Short for Water Closet; toilet.


All these super fun definitions are courtesy of peevish & my most favorite wikipedia.


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