Scholarly Events. Pip, pip.

bookDear Fellow Scholars:

Now that my stresses are relieved after receiving my student visa, I have channeled my happy energy into something new: finding London-based events worth attending. Above you’ll see a new tab entitled Scholarly Events added to this smart-kid website. After doing some research, I have found a number of events happening in the UK to help expand our knowledge and open our minds. Although many of the events are focused in my area of interest, International Development, there are events that will appeal to people of all areas of study. Many of the events are free, as they are hosted by local universities. Those that do charge a fee often have student pricing that is significantly lower than the price typical of a public ticket.

Since we have a year abroad in one of the most amazing cities in the world, we definitely have some amazing opportunities to listen to some renowned speakers and leaders of our generation. I am currently waiting for some information on events hosted by the London School of Economics, but the School of Oriental and African Studies, along with UCL have posted a number of events that are open to the public and would prove to be quite the academic adventure for those looking for some brain-tingling stimulation.

If you are hosting any events or know of any relevant events that you think should be added to the list, drop me a line with the event name, date, time, host, website and cost of tickets. If there are available student/group discounts, that would also be a plus!

Happy studying,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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