Inside Look: The Scholar’s Bag

I recently asked a friend to grab my cell phone from my purse and after ten minutes of sifting through everything in my bag, he handed it back to me, defeated. “How can you find anything in here?” I understand the frustration, but there is some level of organization to my madness. My bag is an integral part of my existence. Inside it holds all of the tidbits that I need to be successful traveler & an overall successful person.

What’s in my bag?

My iPhone.

Well, it’s actually a BlackBerry currently, but my multi-functional phone is of the utmost importance. I make phone calls, organize my calendar, browse the internet & utilize the GPS if I’m lost. How did people live before cell phones?

PenWriting Utensils.

Pens, pencils, sharpies, and occasionally my black eyeliner will suffice. Quite frankly, I find that there are too many thoughts floating around in my head. At any given moment, I like to jot down notes so I don’t forget an important thought that arises here and there. Occasionally, I’ll run across something inspirational that prompts blog thoughts — musn’t forget those. Pens are a necessity!

B of A Debit Card.

Who can live without one? I can even use it internationally at certain banks without being charged withdrawal fees! Made for me! Plus, there are a load of identity theft protection features that make my life easier.


{Smart} Water.

Dehydration = nasty headache for me. Considering the extreme amounts of caffeine I ingest
on any given day, I think that water is of the utmost importance. Plus, if I make a stop at
the gym, I always have some serious hydration in hand.

The Kite Runner

Good Reads.

This may take the form of a book, a Social Policy paper from the UN (talk about real excitement) or the latest edition of US Weekly. Whatever the case, I try to keep an attention-grabbing piece with me to read whenever I have downtime. It’s also quite nice to have a book while I’m at the gym (I’m one of the crazies that runs & reads). Additionally, I find that in a crunch, I can rip off a corner of a magazine and use it as a micro notepad!



The ultimate accessory! Carrying (oversized) sunglasses with me at all times is a must! Not only are they important for obvious reasons (when it’s sunshiny!), but they’re also fantastic for early morning coffee runs when I don’t want to put makeup on, long flights that make my eyes look super tired and they’re key in battling fine lines under the eyes (since I know all you male readers care a TON about that!) The bigger the better — my philosophy on most things <3.

CanonDigital Camera!

This item deserves an exclamation point! I cannot LIVE without my camera — I started becoming super obsessive about recording life’s fun over the years and I religiously carry a camera with me at all times. How could I have a super cool, photo-filled blog if I didn’t record my life like the OCD blogger that I am? My pink Canon is the best!

What’s a must in your bag?

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on December 12, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    how much dose theses pens cost.


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