Travel Deal: £4 from London!

TheTravelingScholarAlthough RyanAir is always pretty diligent about providing amazing fares for travelers on a budget, I am particularly impressed with their current £4 offerings. The majority of the time that I find £1 flights on their site, the price is not inclusive of taxes and fees; items that end up making the flights £40 each way instead of the £1 advertised.

The £4 fare, however, is the total price! There are no taxes, no fees — it’s £4 flat each way.

Although there are some (really minor) restrictions on travel dates, many flights from September through November are included in the deal.

Where can you go for a mere £8 round trip? If you’re somewhat flexible with dates, you can check out these places:

Dublin, Ireland
–  Glasgow, Scotland
Marseille, France
Milan, Italy
Oslo, Norway
Pisa, Italy
Shannon, Ireland
Stockholm, Sweden
Venice, Italy
Verona,  Italy

There are many other locations included in the deal! For the full list, check out RyanAir’s website.

Happy (Inexpensive) Travels!

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  1. Posted by Chris on August 24, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    You are famous!!!


  2. Hahaha. Yeahhhhh… well. Almost famous :)


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