Rainy Days & Mondays.

I’m trying to get over  rainy days getting me down, seeing as how there will be a lot of those coming up. The Mondays, though… well, they’re not so fun. Weekends never seem to last long enough and Mondays come around entirely too quickly. Despite having a (semi-) fun-filled weekend, the scream of my alarm at 615A was definitely not welcomed. On the bright side, I did get to spend Saturday soaking up the sunshine, which was pleasant. Today marks 30 days until the big move (September 17th!), so I’m trying to get in as much sunshine & tanning as possible before sunshine becomes an enigma known only in my dreams.


With thirty short days left, what’s on my calendar?

What still needs to be done?

1) Visa. I have applied for my visa, of course, but I have yet to hear back from the LA office. They received the package on the 3rd of August, so I should know within the next few days whether or not it has been approved. Once that’s done, my stress will be hugely relieved.

2) Packing. I have begun the packing process, but I (obviously) still have a lot to sort out. I feel relatively unorganized in this arena: I have jackets, sweaters, pants, dresses, etc. packed, but I feel like there’s an entire world of items that I haven’t given enough consideration. I will be buying shampoo, conditioner, etc. once I’m over there (to save the space & weight of those items) and will be traveling with mini, travel-sized versions, in lieu.

3) Shopping. Oh, I do plenty of this, but I still have to go out and get a few things that I don’t want to have to worry about overseas: some back-up make up, new brushes, sunless tanning lotion, etc. For the most part, my shopping is complete, but there are a few beauty items that I need to acquire before leaving (as to not deal with exchange rate fluctuations and already high prices in London).

4) Ethernet Cable. I can get one of these guys whilst overseas, but since I’m addicted to be connected, I would like to take one over with me so I can plug in as soon as I’m on-site!


What’s done, already?

1) Bank Account. I’ve already applied for a bank account with HSBC and have gotten the majority of that hassle out of the way. I just need to pop into a location, show them my CA ID & my passport and I’m golden!

2) My Phone. My glorious iPhone is already in hand. I just need to get to an O2 store and sign up for their SIM Only – Simplicity plan.

3) Chauffeur Service. Since I’ll be arriving at Heathrow with huge bags in tow, I will be needing some serious assistance and am definitely not opting to take the tube. I have booked my trip with Dot2Dot and have them picking me up from the airport & dropping me off at my new home!

4) Luggage. After perusing the aisles of discount stores, I now have two 29″ bags plus an awesome carry-on in which to take my life.

5) Visa. I have to consider the hardest part of this done — it’s sent in with all of the necessary information. I just need to wait for it to be approved. (*Please be approved, please be approved.*)

6) Classes. Now that the provisional timetable for classes has been posted, I have been able to go through and check out the availability of classes and see what my schedule will tentatively look like — as of now, no Friday classes!

7) LSE e-mail. I am the proud owner of an LSE email address: s.e.falzon@lse.ac.uk. Lovely.

I can’t believe how fast the summer has come and gone!
Thirty days left until I’m wandering the streets of London!

Lots of love,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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