On the Hunt!

As of yesterday, I have pretty much all my necessities sorted out: clothing’s in order, luggage is in place and my cell phone & bank accounts are ready to rock. The last order of business: shoes that will be my friend whilst exploring London on foot. As anyone that knows me can attest: my closet knows not what a “flat” looks like. Heels are the only thing in my closet, with the occasional boot or wedge thrown in (for seasonality). The closest thing I have to flats are the tennis shoes that are relegated to my gym bag and the Uggs that I use while lounging in the cold. That being said, I am starting to face the reality that heels are not going to enjoy weathering the long walks and cobblestone abroad, so I must start looking for comfort (mildly overrated) & rain-proofness (proofability?)

I actually tried on a pair of flats yesterday (gasp!) in an effort to expand my horizons, but to no avail. My preconceptions were just solidified — they look gross because they make my feet look long, plus they’re uncomfortable! I mean  really, who enjoys feeling like they are walking on the concrete? I like feeling like I’m actually wearing some foot covering, not a barely-there foot cloth. I tried. Really, I did. After the first pair sucked, I attempted two other, slightly more fashion-forward versions which (no surprise here!) tanked, as well. I’ve given up on flats. Uggs will be my friend and I will purchase a pair of low wedges for the coming year. I think that a low (one to two inch wedge) will be enough to feel like I’m lifted off the ground without being so high that I risk plunging face-first into the cobblestone, or — worse yet — breaking the rubber off my heel tip. Here’s what I found that I think may work:

ColeHaanWedgeThese wedgy flats, courtesy of Cole Haan via DSW are about $129, but they look comfy and they’re pretty cute… for flats.

SteveMaddenWedgeThese guys are a similar style, but much (much!) less. Steve Madden via DSW for $39.95.

SeychellesThese have a tid more of a lift (which I like) and they’re a rugged brown color, which could be cute with jeans. I’m 50/50 on the buckle accent. Seychelles via DSW for $59.99.

SteveMaddenBootThis Steve Madden boot (via DSW) has a slight wedge (1″) so I won’t feel like I’m walking on the ground quite as much. There’s something odd to me about owning a boot that doesn’t have a 4+ inch heel, but I guess it’s doable… In the boot’s defense, I like the cognac color quite a bit!

The alternative to the flat boot would be a an awesome high boot with a decent sized hidden platform that wouldn’t make the angle feel so extreme. I did find one pair that fit this criteria, but I wasn’t willing to drop the $250 at the time!

What do you guys think about the wedg-y flats? Still comf? Cute at all?

Lots of love,

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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