Turn that Frown Upside Down. Yo.

Today has been one of those days: one of the relatively unproductive, I-don’t-want-get-out-of-bed, sickish days. So much so, in fact, that I called in sick to work (which is a rarity, to say the least). I think this is probably the only sick day I have used this entire year! Although I would much rather have used my sick day on a Friday (where my sick day could have morphed into a three-day weekend), I’m grateful for a so-called mental health day. In an effort to rid myself of the rampant ‘woe is me’ syndrome, I hit the gym early in the AM to get my blood flowing and start the day right. After which, I took a quickie shower and sat down with a cup of coffee and a ravishing edition of Marie Claire (which, by the way, showcases some amazing fashions & an intriguing article about about abortion. Worth $3.99).


There are a few things that truly turn my sick-o frown upside down and coffee and fashion happen to be two of those very things. Coffee works in two astounding ways for me. First, the flavor of coffee wakes up my taste buds in the morning in a way that no other food and/or beverage can. The stronger, the better I say. I used to be a black coffee drinker, but after drinking work-brewed coffee for four years I have become a fan of some unassuming vanilla creamer and a couple packets of Splenda (gotta love the power of Splenda). Secondly, I happen to be addicted to caffeine, which is where coffee’s second comfort comes in: it reduces my headaches and just makes me feel good. Well, actually, the truth is that it helps me not feel bad: if I don’t drink two-plus cups of coffee daily, I will surely feel the wrath of a caffeine headache, one of the world’s worst kinds; that endless throbbing at your temple that just screams, “drink some Splenda-infused coffee if you want to ever have your brain back.” Thusly, the coffee this morning really had a calming effect on my soul. Plus, I like that you can feel coffee flowing down your throat and into your heart as you drain the cup. It’s invigorating, really. Fashion, well… it’s fashion. How can Marie Claire not turn your frown upside down? The booties and heels for fall 2009 definitely brightened my mood, despite their $1000-plus price tags. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Now, as if the coffee & magazine weren’t enough to brighten my mood, I hit up the store to grab a piece of luggage for my upcoming trip and let me just say — helllllo, bargain shopper. I found the most perfect piece of luggage for my trip: 29 glorious inches (61 linear inches) of pure perfection. If it weren’t enough to find the perfect piece, I purchased the $340 classic for a mere $50 at a discount store. You read right: $50. I mean, really? Can you even get a carry-on for that price? If you’re Shannon, bargain shopper extraordinaire, anything is possible, I suppose, but even I was impressed with this steal. 

In conclusion, after what could have  easily been a day spent marinating in misery, three simple pleasures have definitely turned my frown upside down. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to grab another cup of bliss (aka coffee).

Signature Stamp - Shannon   


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