LSEers: Safe-ty First!


I don’t know about you guys, but I find that living with flatmates in a student apartment complex is very reminiscent of undergraduate/freshman dorm life for me. Not that it was a bad thing, it definitely was an awesome experience and a fun community, but there’s a certain lack of privacy and personal space that’s inherent in such an environment. I received an email from LSE (that I’m sure everyone else received, too!) that had some really great info about having a personal safe. For £80 per year, you can have your own personal electronic safe provided by Hotech Edge.

You can pay before you head over and activate your safe so it’ll be ready upon arrival. The safes actually appear to be pretty decent sized: they’re big enough for a laptop, passport, money & other valuables. To me £80 per year seems like a pretty okay deal considering the cost of my replacing my valuables! Having to replace my laptop (or my passport!) would be too much of a headache to put a price on. Plus, I do think that there’s something to be said about the value of peace of mind.

Check out & pay for your safe here!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


Information directly from the website:

G-Safe by Hotech Edge is the world’s first online wire-free in-room digital guest safe based on the ZigBee (IEEE 802.14.5) globally interoperable standard. It provides operators of hotels leisure facilities, and student accommodation, with the latest safe technology enhanced further by online monitoring and control. For the operator, a built automated billing module offers the potential of an additional income stream. For the individual user, G-Safe brings valuable peace of mind.

The safe links high performance hardware to G-Mesh, the most advanced full wire-free mesh network specifically developed by Hotech Edge for the automation of hotels and similar buildings. The G-Safe is easy to use. Guests simply choose a four-digit pin to operate their safe, while the hotel or facility has its own service pin and a copy-proof manual key to open the safe in event of emergency.

G-Mesh monitors and controls each safe online and in real time for all maintenance, security and billing data. This enables live audit trails and security alerts, zero fault targets, optional automated billing and warning of safe locked on guest checkout to be continuously available to the relevant staff.


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