Wonderful Weekend, Part I.


The weekend hasn’t even started yet and I am almost positive that it’s going to be one of the greatest weekends ever. I’m getting a super early start today so I can get in all the amazing events that I have planned. First and foremost, I am heading downtown to Spanish Fly at 9A to get my hair cut, styled and colored. Although I’m sure it’s difficult for the male readers to fully understand, hair appointments are an event. Really. Unlike guys’ twenty minute hair appointments, women plan for this. We schedule our appointments weeks in advance and spend hours trying to figure out what cut and color is going to be best for the given time in our lives (hair is a reflection of personality, afterall). Sometimes we keep it the same (because we’re content), but occasionally we spice it up. This time is a spice-it-up-sesh for me. If InStyle were to do a Transformation outline for me, there wouldn’t be a great deal of difference in my hair cut from about…. 2001 to 2009. My skin color would change (as I go through my tanning and non-tanning stages) and my make up and style would change, but my hair… well, my hair would be pretty predictable. I keep it the same for the most part and play with highlights and lowlights (though my color range typically only knows the span of light blonde to dark blonde… dark tends to frighten me tads.) So, today marks a fairly eventful morning when I touch up the roots and have some fun with the hair.

After that, I get to pick up my newly-hemmed trouser pants and head to the city for some shopping & cool weather! This evening I’m meeting up with my friends Alex and Jasmine (fellow future LSEers) for dinner, drinks and bonding. {Pictures will definitely follow.} It’s fun get-togethers like these that build up my excitement for England and assuage all my fears about being alone (without my family) in a foreign country. All of us American postgrad student are in the same boat; we don’t know many people and we’re all excited to make new friends and enjoy new experiences so it’s great to meet girls who have stellar personalities!

After that, I get to stay with my cousin and her family in San Carlos! It will probably be one of the last times that I see them (if not the last) before I leave, so I’m really excited to be able to see them and spend Sunday with them. I’ll keep you guys posted tomorrow with pictures and reviews!

Hope everyone else’s weekend is equally amazing!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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