Deal Alert: Tremendous Trains!


We frequently talk about the amazingness that is public transportation in the UK (and throughout much of Europe, for that matter). As an American, it is pretty amazing to see the efficiency and the affordability of trains, buses & even airlines. That being said, I just found the greatest deal on train travel, available through National Express. I can’t be sure that it’s really the greatest, but when I consider the cost of transportation in the US, this seems like a real steal.

National Express is offering a pretty incredible deal from September 1st through October 22nd. You have to book your tickets by next Tuesday, August 11th, and you can only book  online (not that people actually book over the phone or in-person anymore) so make sure you give it a look soon!

The cost of a one-way ticket depends on how many zones your travel crosses through (see map at left):

  • From £6* for travel within one zone
  • From £9* for travel across two zones
  • From £12* for travel across three zones
  • From £15* for travel across all four zones
  • {Download the zone map here.}

    For example, from London:

    to Leeds/Wakefield: £9
    – to Skipton: £9
    – to Newcastle: £12
    – to Edinburgh: £15
    – to Glasgow: £15

    For the complete list of location available under this deal, click here.

    Pretty sweet stuff! £30 roundtrip to Scotland — not too shabby!

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