Oh, Hair of Mine.

Soooo… time for a serious hair update. Now, I’m not doing this in stereotypical break-up fashion to make myself a new person, but I definitely need a serious cut & color before I head overseas. The color is out of pure necessity since my roots are about four inches long at this point (14 weeks without a highlight … ahh!) and the cut… oohhh, the cut. It’s at the awkward point. You know, where you can’t really do anything with it because it’s lost it’s bounce and even when you do try to style it, you realize that it’s grown out at different rates and your hair is resembling a mullet of days past.

Well, I have scheduled an appointment for this Saturday at a salon downtown per the recommendation of a friend who swears by their work! I’m going for a pretty (relatively sustainable) color and a shorter hairstyle:


I am absolutely loving Christine Taylor’s color in the picture above! It has some lowlights that I don’t usually have (but tend to like) and I think it’ll help reduce the ugly-factor when my hair starts growing out. Too blonde = obvious root action!

I’m not entirely sure who this girl is, to be honest, but I am totally digging this cut. I’m going to try to have mine done slightly longer so I can still put it up in a mini ponytail while I’m at the gym and I’m going to opt for a side sweep versus her little elf bangs (not sure what that’s about!)

My only concern for all of this is that although the color and cut look great on the respective models, they won’t look quite that good on me! I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll look good! Everyone always says ‘It’s only hair! It grows back!’ I fully understand that it’ll grow back, but it’s the thought of that awkward period WHILE it’s growing out, in which I have to face people with awkward hair that makes me cringe.

I’m hoping for the best!
Any ideas? Is this a yay or a nay?

Hoping for the best!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by alexdella2 on August 6, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    LOVEEE the hair style!! I am such a fan! I am definitely agreed on the bangs though and keeping those longer. Your facial shape can definitely pull the cut off. I can’t wait to see it!

    <3 AL


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