Bon Voyage, California!

As I was getting dressed for my day in the city yesterday, I realized that my trips to San Francisco have become relatively average-ish. Not in the fact that the city is average, mind you, but in the sense that it is so close to Sacramento that a day trip to the city is not uncommon. I decided yesterday to try to enjoy SF for the great city that it is and try and see it as a tourist. {Spoiler Alert: This only half-way worked. I enjoyed the culture, as usual, but the traffic continues to stir some serious ire from within.}

I arrived in the city around 11A, just in time to hit up the greatest Nordstrom in the world. Now, this was amazing because 1) the Anniversary Sale is still going on, so there were a billion things on sale and 2) the Nordstrom in San Francisco is the biggest location by square footage.

Magnetic force, I tell you!

Magnetic force, I tell you!


Floor after floor of amazement!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the location in SF, it’s a must-see; it’s floor after floor of amazing goodies. Due to the fact that it’s such a big location, they had tons of stuff that my local store didn’t have. I managed to swoop of a darling grey tank, a super hot brown bomber jacket (better than the one that I wanted initially!) and the cutest pair of trouser jeans EVER! All for under $120. Dream come true. I’m definitely going to curtail my shopping from here on out, however, as I have realized that all my belongings are going to have a really hard time fitting into two bags!

After a few hours of shopping, I worked up an appetite and hit up a little creperie called Crepes A Go-Go on Union Street. Deeee-lish! I happen to be a lover of all things crepe, so the avo, tomato & swiss lunch crepe hit the spot. They had a slew of sweet crepes, too, that looked ahhh-mazing. Icing on the cake: they’re super reasonably priced — think under $6 for a lunch crepe. Mmmm.

Crepe{I meant to take a picture BEFORE I ate it, but I was hungry… you can use your imagination to figure out what it was like as a whole crepe.}

While I was waiting for my friend, Alex, to arrive I hit up the Lush store on Union (across from Crepes A Go-Go) and sniffed the amazing products for about an hour. My girlfriend, Hilary, introduced me to Lush a couple of years back and I looooove their products! They’re rather pricey, but I scored a 7-mini-items-for-$15 deal (which is seriously beyond amazing). All of their products are fresh, handmade and vegetarian (if not vegan). Plus, the girl at the counter hooked me up with some serious testers. I love testers. Well, I love free and thusly, I love testers.


After our shopping soiree on Union, Alex and I headed to Jillian’son 4th Street to meet up with the future gang! It was such a blast. There’s something very comforting about meeting people you’re going to spend a year in a foreign country with. We all meshed really well and I can already tell that it’s going to be a super fun year. We all have an undying urge to travel and have already been dreaming up weekend getaways and summer trips!

LSEI looked a little thrashed after a day of battling the cold and wind, but hopefully my fellow LSEers won’t judge!
(Crossing my fingers!)

All in all, it was a super fun and eventful day and I’m even more excited now that everything is falling into place. As Alex has reminded me, 55 days! Man, time is flying!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hungryasiangirl on July 23, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    I’m so glad you guys had fun at the LSE meet-up event! It’s going to be a crazy fantastic year :)


  2. i love this mall in SF… you can find almost anything in there…


  3. Posted by Marisa on July 24, 2009 at 7:27 AM

    Thanks for the tip about Lush. We have one in our local mall, but I’ve never been in there. A little treat for Mommy is in order this weekend…


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