Outstanding Oktober!

In an effort to put my visa worries aside, I have been planning and reading up on our impending trip to Munich for Oktoberfest 2009! I found this really great site with information on all things Bavarian and all things Oktoberfest! I was looking for a few bits of information, specifically. First, I wanted to find out about the beer tents to see which we would most want to hit up and where we’d have the most fun! So far, the Hippodrom looks the best, but I’m still checking out the others! Also, since we’re going to be in Munich, a city that is consistently rated one of the best places to live in the world, we definitely want to do some major sightseeing! I found awesome information on churches, museums, landmarks, palaces, parks and castles! Since we’re only going to be in Munich for 3 days (24th through the 27th), we have a lot to cram into the short time that we’re there.

I’ve been looking into Mike’s Bike Tours, an awesome bicycle-based sightseeing tour that functions in Munich and in Amsterdam. The regular, half day tours last about four hours with an intro to Munich history and a 45 minute stop in a beergardenfor lunch, supper or a drink. There’s about 2 1/2 hours of real biking time in which they cover about 4 miles, riding from one historical or architectural point of interest to the next. The ride is obviously pretty leisurely, but it’s a good way to get a bit of exercise and fresh air while seeing the major sights (with an English-speaking tour guide!) During the time that we’re there, the tours start at 12:30 and are done by 5P or so. It normally costs about 24 euros for the tour, which includes the bike rental; for those staying at approved hostels (including The Tent, where we’re staying!), the cost goes down to 18 euros! Check out what’s included in the tour, everything from the English Garden to old palaces. Pretty sweet!

I also found a cool Oktoberfest map below:

Oktoberfest Map

 I’m getting excited about being able to see Munich in a couple of months!

Anyone else going to be in Munich during September? Any Munich must-sees?

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