Farmer’s Markets Galore!


I’ve heard all of the rumors about British food and during our visit in February, I saw the veggies in the grocery stores first hand: shriveled up, tiny and expensive! I was surprised. Being born and raised in California, we have access to amazing fruits and vegetables (although I didn’t realize this until our trip abroad) and most of what we purchase is relatively inexpensive. So, after perusing the likes of Sainsbury’s online to see their selection, I was motivated to look for Farmer’s Markets in London. The markets we had seen in Seattle were spectacular and made me realize what a benefit they are to locals!

After searching for markets near my new home in the West End, I stumbled upon information about Covent Garden Market. I’ve heard awesome things about the area: lively, although touristy, but to see the awesome Farmer’s Market that they have is such a relief. They have everything from baked goods and maple syrup to fruits, veggies, meats and nuts!

Also, Queen Square Fruit and Vegetable Stand in Bloomsbury is practically next door to my flat! The fruit is super fresh and relatively inexpensive. I really love the fact that you get to purchase your food from the farmer directly; you get to see where your money is going and who it is benefiting. Also (this is counter-intuitive, so bear with me…), I love that you can BARGAIN! There’s some level of success that you feel once you’ve bargained. Even if it’s 10 pence, you managed to snag a deal and the food tastes even better then <3.

Anyone else know of any good Farmer’s Markets in the West End?

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on December 8, 2009 at 2:10 AM

    Have you been to the Borough market at London Bridge. It’s AMAZING! Totally worth the trek, I go up there basically every Saturday that is nice. Also there is a market on Saturdays in the Duke of York Square (just down the Kings Road 2 mins from Sloane Square) – both have fantastic vegetarian food and lots of it!


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