Seattle, Part Deux.

Alright, so time to check back in! I got back into Sacramento last night after spending the day roaming around Pike Place Market — such a cool place to check out; to me, it was the embodiment of Seattle, as a city. The weather was perfect (85 and sunny!) so there were loads of people enjoying the streets on Sunday afternoon. The city, as a whole, reminded me a lot of a super clean version of San Francisco — not as much litter and grime and not as many homeless folks (although there were some). I had expected the fish market area to smell like Fisherman’s Wharf in SF, kind of an old bay/rotting fish-type scent, but the odor was super faint in Seattle (bizarrely so, considering all the fish)! The market was dotted with flower shops, enticing eateries and some of the coolest, unique stores (think map shops, Afghani clothing stores, apothecaries, etc.)

PikePlaceAlthough this shot is somewhat blurred, I love that it captures the whole view so well!

ShannonShoppingThere were street vendors & street performers everywhere! From jewelry to vegetables to Michael Jackson tees, there were bits of everything!


When they say that this place is the ultimate farmer’s market, it’s no joke! There were so many vegetable stands on the streets with a ridiculous selection of fresh fruits & veggies. My kind of place!

StarbucksOooh, yes. You know I couldn’t make it through Seattle without seeing the original Starbucks. Here it is, with a line out the door and musicians hanging out outside. I didn’t get to see the original Nordstrom though, which was mildly depressing… maybe next time!

We also ran into this shop called Tenzing Momo, an herbal apothecary that was so unique that I had to wander through it! They had an amazing array of essential oils, incense, herbs, natural healing remedies and the like. They also had a palm reader inside and loads of books for expanding your spiritual horizons!

Tenzing Momo {Inside of Tenzing Momo}

Our last stop before I had to head to the airport (*tear*) was a little art gallery that was amazing! I have a minor obsession with glass work; I think that the people who are able to actually blow glass are brilliant considering the colors and shapes that are ultimately created.


All in all, we had an amazing trip. I did have to sit in front of a screaming two-year-old on the way home, but I was still so euphoric from the trip, I hardly minded! So much fun, definitely a place worth visiting! We so wanted to be able to carve out time to head up to BC! My grandmother kept talking about how gorgeous Vancouver was… no luck though.

Has anyone been to British Columbia? Worth checking out?

Signature Stamp - Shannon

Check out the entire ‘Weekend in Seattle’ album, courtesy of facebook.


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