Seattle, Part I.

So, today was our first day in Washington! Our flight was scheduled to arrive at 3:05P and we actually arrived twenty minutes early, which was awesome. We checked in and headed down to the Space Needle for the first stop of our trip. Due to the fourth of July holiday, the line was rather long, but once we got in, the elevator ride to the observation deck was a quick ten second trip. In a funny turn of events, Chris and I both discovered that he is minorly afraid of heights… kind of funny. <3.



The view from the top of the Space Needle was pretty amazing. You definitely have a great view of the city from 520′ up!


This picture is seriously amazing and even more breathtaking in real life! Look at Mt. Rainier in the background, it looks like its completely suspended.

 Although $16 seemed rather steep for the view, the pictures are pretty amazing! After checking out the Space Needle, we headed over to a little Greek cafe called the Grecian Corner which sits across the street from the Needle Center. We snacked on some pita and hummus and I grabbed a veggie pita and a Greek salad while Chris snagged a meatier version with an accompanying salad. Pretty delish and it was just a tad over $20 for everything!


After that, we decided to head to our hotel in Oak Harbor, nearly two hours from Sea-Tac airport. Although the drive was rather long, I have to admit — Washington is beautiful! The only word I can use to describe it is pristine. Everything is ridiculously clean; there’s very little litter and even the view seems clearer here. The skies are bluer, the trees are greener and the ground is smoother. So far, I’m loving the area and the 85 degree weather.

We may (possibly) head up to Vancouver tomorrow. My grandma kept telling me how gorgeous BC is, so we may make the trek. It’s only an hour or so from here!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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