Onward to Seattle!

Hey Kiddos!

I’m at the airport right now, waiting patiently in Sacramento until 1P or so when we get to board our plane to Seattle! Even at 11A, I could feel the Sacramento heat bearing down on us, and I’m incredibly excited to be escaping it for the weekend. One of the things that I love most about the airport is people-watching; there’s always such a mixed crowd of people and it makes me laugh.

As I’m looking around, I see the standard techy, plug-your-laptop-in-and-escape type (such as myself), the under 18 crowd who are plugged into their iPods, ignoring their parent’s banter, the occassional business man dotted strategically through the waiting area, laptop open, bluetooth in ear, playing (pretending to actually be working) on their BlackBerry, and then there are the moms… oh, the moms. There’s the tattooed teenage mother, trying to keep her child in line, who is chasing her two-year-old through the airport (which is slightly entertaining), and then there’s the 40-year-old mom. Gotta love those; overprotective because they’re excited that their womanly parts could still bear children. She has her baby strapped to her chest in one of those Native American papoose-style carriers and she’s petting the child’s head, which I find bizarre. My fear, of course, is that this child will be on our plane. From my experience, children and planes don’t mesh well. I think this is likely a documented fact. Typically, after I’ve stepped off of the plane, I want to kill myself, the sounds of a beeping Nintendo DS and high-pitched screaming ringing in my ears. My hope is that this trip will be different. I’ve brought my new book, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, to keep me occupied throughout the hour and a half flight. Hopefully it works!

In any case, I feel satisfied at this moment, having just eating a tofu roll courtesy of Lemon Grass. I didn’t realize that they had a small station in the airport, so that effectively made my day.

Airport Kids

{You know the sight of all these kids scared the life out of me!}

On to Seattle!

Hope everyone has an amazing fourth!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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