Memorable Moments!

There are so many things I have to discuss from this past weekend’s excursion in the Monterey Bay area! We had such a blast this weekend and it was a total surprise for Tiffany! She had no idea what was going on when I kidnapped her on Saturday morning — I can’t believe that we were able to pull it off! (More on our weekend will be posted in the coming week.) I have to say, in spending a weekend with my family, I managed to learn a few new things about each of them and we had some really memorable moments:

1. My mom has an obsession with artichokes and Dairy Queen soft serve. After passing a DQ on Saturday in Capitola, she mentioned that she “looooovvved DQ soft serve!” On Sunday, after passing a Burger King showcasing their 89c soft serve, I pointed it out. She stopped, grabbed me and said, “Soft serve?! Where?! Rick (to my dad), stop the car.” I looked at her and said, “At Burger King,” at which point she replied, “Oh, nevermind. Keep going, it’s not DQ.” She’s hilarious. Mind you, when we did find a DQ she asked the teenage boy to make her large ice cream an extra large *wink* if he could!

Happy to get her DQ!

Happy to get her DQ!

The difference in CONE size; small vs. large

The difference in CONE size; small vs. large

* My dad apparently burns, despite his dark skin. After an afternoon of fun in the sun while laying out on Capitola Beach, dad ended up with a pink face and an Arkansas-inspired tank top tan burn line!

* I also learned that my grandmother is unassumingly funny at the most random times — she killed us while we were playing blackjack last night! She says the funniest things and you have to double-take because you think you legitimately heard her wrong. :)


Here’s a sneak peek of our trip down to Capitola Beach on Saturday morning! I did her make up in the AM (so we could have a “sister day”) and then blindfolded and kidnapped her!


She had no idea that the whole family was in on it! I had her keep the blindfold on until we were securely on the freeway while I played the Beach Boys in the background!

Tiff PuzzleI cut up a bunch of letters that spelled out “Capitola Beach” and had her try to unscramble them to figure out the first stop on our getaway. (Only took 10 or so minutes <3.)


Then she opened my beach bag gift with a new monokini, a water bottle, a book for the beach, a beach towel and her iPod (I new she’d want it!) She still didn’t realize we were going for the weekend!


Then she opened up the book that I made for her that detailed the trip for the weekend including where were staying, where we were going and different restaurants that she could pick from for her birthday dinner. When she realized we were staying for the weekend she was stoked!

Painted Houses

Our ride to Capitola was pretty short with the company. I’ll tell you guys all about our weekend tomorrow. Tune in for pictures and reviews of our trip in Pacific Grove, Carmel and Monterey!

Hope everyone’s weekend was equally great!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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