Business Cards are In!

Hey Kiddos!

I found this super cool website called Moo, that does custom-printed business cards and recently ordered my way-too-cute cards through them. I wanted to get a small set to use as I travel and find places to write-up (e.g. The Tent Campsite in Germany coming in September). I just received my set yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them! Thought I’d share:

BizCard BackSorry — the scan got cut off a little on the left; the actual card has my full signature on the back with my information!

BizCard Front(s)

I picked various images that I wanted to be the front of my business cards — all travel-related photos available for purchase on Moo’s website. Above are 9 of the images (I know it looks like one big image, but it’s actually nine different business cards laid out side-by-side.) Most of the images that I picked were from an artist named Chris Dent, whose city pictures were perfect for what I was looking for.

What do you guys think? Cool?

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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