007 Birthday Bash!

Guest of Honor!

Guest of Honor!

Due to the fact that this weekend marks another birthday surprise that I am planning, I wanted to share with you guys the cool party I planned for Chris’ birthday last year! It wasn’t a surprise, but it was awesome, nonetheless! Chris happens to be a big James Bond fan — like most other men! — and his birthday happens to fall on Halloween. I had wanted to throw a costume/birthday party to celebrate both occasions! After giving it some thought, I thought it better to have a themed party for him (which I want to start doing every year, sans this one where I will not be present.)  I chose James Bond 007 as the year’s theme and threw the party in James Bond fashion! I rented out a room through our local Parks & Rec district for about 8 hours (prep, party & clean-up!). As a word of advice, the downside to Parks & Rec locations is that you have to be out of there (after cleaning!) at midnight– a little early for my liking, but the price was right. To get everyone into theme, I sent out super stealthy invites in typewriter/Courier New font in official document-fashion letting people know that we were going to be celebrating our agent’s birthday in style! The invites were sent out in mini manila envelopes and were stamped with “Confidential” stamps to add to the authenticity. I did contemplate putting in blood red-colored confetti, but decided against it. I also created a Bond-themed website with all of the information for the invitees — location, what to wear, what was going to be happening, ideas for costumes, etc! The website played various Bond scores to add to effect!

For the party, I requested that everyone come dressed like a Bond character — either a villain, a fellow agent or a Bond girl and it was a success! We had beautiful Bond girls, various agents and loads of villains! Since martinis are Bond’s (and Chris’) drink of choice, our bar served only variations on martinis:

1) The Classic : A James Bond style martini; shaken, not stirred with olives
2) The Bond Girl: A cute name for our house cosmopolitan
3) The Crime Boss: A lemon drop martini with a lemon sugared rim

The drinks were a hit and I was able to keep the bar tab to a minimum (relatively speaking) by only serving vodka-based drinks. I also had non-alcoholic beverages available, of course: water, sodas, juices, etc. I had super cute signage for everything with James Bond logos, mini guns, the works! Since I catered the event myself, I made loads of hors d’oeuvres that Bond himself would love and gave them Bond-themed name cards that I placed in front of the respective appetizer. I served things like tortellini skewers, lamb meatballs with dill, crudites, cheese and crackers, spicy shrimp cups and salmon/cucumber rolls! For parting gifts, I hand made gun-shaped chocolates (with a mold I purchased online) in dark chocolate, white  chocolate and peanut butter flavors! The were delicious and were a TOTAL HIT!

I struggled with dessert for a while — I wanted something that was appropriate and very Chris-esque. His favorite dessert happens to be cheesecake, so I purchased a mini cheesecake pan at Williams-Sonoma and made 72 mini cheesecakes in three varieties: white chocolate + raspberry, pumpkin (in honor of fall!) and caramel-toffeeto suit everyone’s desires. People were seriously astounded that I made them myself because they look so professional (perfect for any adult party you’re hosting!)

For the event itself, I rented two poker tables and two blackjack tables to keep people entertained and decorated the place with Bond-themed elements: it was dimly lit with floating candles in vases at each table. I also had a projector set up to project classics James Bond movies onto the back wall of the room. People had a (drunken) blast and I was so happy with the way it turned out for my first real event! I definitely learned a few things, but next year’s will be better :)

Here are some pics if you’re planning something similar:

It was way dimmer than the picture implies!
It was way dimmer than the picture implies!

Here are the blackjack tables — Blackjack was definitely more popular than poker! I also gave everyone $1000 of fake money that I made for the party at the beginning so they could purchase chips at the tables! :)

Mini Cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes — total hit!

Guys playing poker with real money!
Guys playing poker with real money!

The poker table came alive after a few drinks.

The Bar!
The Bar!

Again, the lighting from the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I cut out big glittery letters to mark the “bar” and the “casino”!

Sis & her friend bartended!
Sis & her friend bartended!

Thank God for the bartenders! They made some cash, too :)

If anyone is planning on throwing a Bond-themed party, I’m more than happy to help with tips and tricks; email me!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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