Surprises Galore

The Birthday Girl & I!

The Birthday Girl & I!

I love, love, LOVE planning! Birthday parties, anniversary soirees, luncheons, Happy Hour get-togethers; anything that I can plan, I’m first in line to do it. The whole process is a good creative outlet and it’s incredibly cathartic for me.  Plus, with summer here, I love being able to fill my once-homework-filled-hours with something productive! So, with my younger sister’s birthday coming up this weekend, I have been planning like a mad woman! I’ll keep you guys posted on Friday night and give you updates with pics on Saturday and Sunday. I have the most amazing birthday surprise planned for her and she has no idea, which is the best part! I cannot WAIT to see the surprise on her face when she realizes that I actually care enough to plan the best birthday of her life. One thing I love about surprise birthdays is that the guest of honor’s only requirement is to be present! Other than that, they can relax and enjoy everything that everyone has planned for their special day! <3.

Tonight, as a pre-birthday beauty gift, I’m taking her in to get a (much-needed) brow wax and a facial (her first)! She’s pumped!

What’s your dream birthday surprise? Surprise party? Weekend getaway?

Signature Stamp - Shannon

P.S. In case anyone is wondering — my face is finally healed! Woo hoo! And, although I had to deal with some crazy dry skin, I must say that the color seems to be a little more even. I wouldn’t do it again but I’m happy now that it’s over! 


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