When Life Gives You Lemons…

lemons 2

My girlfriends would say that when life gives you lemons, you should make a limoncello martini. I guess that’s true; optimism is always a good thing. Today, however, has not been going well. I have definitely been given lemons and it’s way to early for limoncello martinis. Or lemonade. Or whatever else lemons are good for.

I started this day fairly happily, enjoying the 70 degree weather whilst driving downtown to my first appointment of the day. Well, as my GPS/bluetooth system started acting a little funny, I had to take a call on my handset. (I realize I didn’t “have to” do anything, but I kind of did; bear with me.) So, in the 30 – 45 second interval that I had the handset to my cheek, somewhat hidden under my mop of hair, a cop on a motorcycle decides to to pull up behind me and follow me. I, of course, dropped the phone immediately, as if to say “I’m innocent and was not using a phone; it is a figment of your imagination, cop man.” Well, unfortunately, my tactics didn’t work. He pulled me over, told me that I had been on my cell, gave me a ticket and effectively ruined my day! It’s always a bad start to a  day when you get a ticket at 815A. I think it’s probably an even worse start to a week, although I cannot be sure yet. On top of that, I returned to the office after my morning appointment (which went smoothly, despite my fears) and was so ridiculously amped on getting a hot cup of office coffee to start my day. However, since I had received the ominous ticket at 815A, there was, of course, only three drops of coffee left when I lifted the nozzle. I watched the coffee leftover grounds fall into my cup and cried inside a little.

No coffee + Citation… Lord, help me today. I’m gonna need it!

Also, in an effort to vent and possibly start a discussion on this topic (I am desperately hoping that others feel the way that I do on this): Why are cops so lame? I mean seriously? You’re pulling me over for talking on my cell phone for 30 seconds when you could be stopping real criminals? I am the antithesis of the definition of criminal; I don’t drive without my license, I would never drink before driving and I brush my teeth twice a day. I’m not the kind of person that should be getting ticketed! Don’t you have something better to do? Like make our society a safer place? I mean, really. Get a life, cop man on your motorcycle thinking your cool.

Does anyone else think that the seat belt law and the cell phone law are a little lame? Especially the seat belt law — I always wear a seat belt, but if I didn’t, who would I be hurting? Why would you TICKET me for hurting myself? Seriously. Do your job and find a real criminal maybe. Also, I’m not a cop-hater; I’m sure they help people somewhere, they just have never helped me so I’m not their biggest fan.

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