Recap of the Week

Man, this week flew by! The fact that it’s Friday already completely blows my mind. This could be due to the fact that I have come to realize that tomorrow is the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk, which means I have a banner to finish and a few shirts to make before then. For anyone that doesn’t already know, I am captaining a team for our local Kidney Walk and we’ll be walking in memory of my grandfather who recently passed (on March 5) from renal disease. I began supporting the NKF shortly after and started a team called Paul’s Partners. The fact that three months have passed since then flabbergasts me. Where does the time go?! Sometimes I find that I have to look back at all of the things that I have completed this week to actually feel like my week has been productive, regardless of the fact that it feels like our days are shrinking down to 12 or so hours.

In relation to my impending London excursion, I managed a few loan-related tid bits. Got my Student Aid Report and Master Promissory Notes into the LSE for review last week; they should be done this week and I should have some serious funding in my account in the next couple of weeks to pay for tuition and housing — before the exchange rate goes up any more, hopefully! Additionally, I have been researching UK banks that are international student-friendly and thus far have been focused on NatWest, Barclay’s, Lloyds and HSBC. Unfortunately, despite all of the research, I am unable to come to a decision as of yet. If anyone has any knowledge on this subject, input is more than appreciated! For some ungodly reason, obtaining loans, student visas and opening a bank account are completely ridiculous hardships; you’d think they’d want my money.

Also, on a personal level, I just discovered my first glycolic peel at Mellow Me Out Day Spa with Amber. I didn’t really know what to anticipate going in, but for the minute or so that the glycolic acid was on my face, I’m not quite sure if it warranted the $25 extra… still deciding if I’ll do another one. I’ll probably know better in a couple of days when it’s not so fresh (just got it done last night!) Also, I took TWO pairs of shoes in to get repaired since the rubber heel stoppers have fallen off all four shoes. It’s always a travesty when this happens to my favorite shoes and this actually happened to two of my favorite pairs within a few weeks of each other. As you can imagine, I was less than enthused. In any case, this great little shop in Arden Park repairs them in no time and they’re brand new again for about $10 a pair. Not bad. Better than buying a new pair, I say.

As if all of that weren’t enough, I managed to get in three pretty long sweat sessions at the gym in the past four days and have been preparing and planning my sister’s upcoming birthday bash (which she has no idea about, as of yet!) When her birthday rolls around (20th of June), I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on my amazing surprise (you’ll be jealous that you don’t have an anal party planning sister like me <3.) Also, as I’m sure you guys all noticed, I added a brand new feature to my site — The Scholar’s Shoppe, which has a great selection of items that go to benefit various charities and organizations.

Seriously — if you guys haven’t done so already, you should make a list of everything you’ve done during the week. It definitely makes you feel better about the fact that time flies; at least you’re accomplishing things on your to-do list!

Happy Friday!

Signature Stamp - Shannon

Asia Store Jewelry

Loving the earrings? Check em out at The Scholar’s Shoppe. They benefit the Asia Society.


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