Not-so-Pretty Peel

This is what my face looks like!

This is what my face looks like!

Hey Everyone!

Thought I’d share a quickie update with you guys! Yesterday was my first glycolic peel ever! Amber, my esthetician used about 30% glycolic along with a few other components (Vitamin C, etc.) to help brighten my skin. I opted to add a peel to my facial as a preventative measure — I’m hoping to keep hyperpigmentation and wrinkles out of sight! She began with a lactic acid exfoliator to prep my skin to help the glycolic peel penetrate deeper. Even the lactic acid stung so I was a little worried about the glycolic! She mentioned that she typically leaves the acid on for about a minute and a half, depending on the skin. Literally as soon as she applied the glycolic acid to my face, I could feel the “tingling” sensation; tingling is definitely putting it mildly! She took it off about a minute into the peel since my skin started pinking up. Although the stinging persisted for a short period, as she began using more soothing products (moisturizers, etc.) on my skin, the stinging faded and my face felt totally fresh, although not very different. I couldn’t see an immediate effect and the texture didn’t seem to change very much. Last night, however, while I was sleeping my face would not stop itching! I could feel my face heating up (as if I had a sunburn) and it was irritatingly itchy, although incredibly smooth! After showering and putting on sufficient SPF this morning (courtesy of Dermalogica), my face was RED. It still feels quite hot and mildly itchy. All around, it looks and feels like a sunburn. After reading some articles on glycolic peels, it seems as though this is relatively normal so I’m not worrying too much. Right now, I’m just waiting for the itching to go away– I want to put my face in a bowl of ice cubes!

Hopefully it’ll be better by tonight!
Happy Friday,

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