The Big 2-3!

Dad's 1st Birthday, 1956.

Dad's 1st Birthday, 1956.

Baby Shannon Celebrating <3.
Celebrating my 21st with a Martini!

Celebrating my 21st with a Martini!

Celebrating my 22nd with the Fam!

Celebrating my 22nd with the Fam!

Watch out! I’m officially  23 today, which is (officially) old! As a pre-birthday gift to myself, I visited my BFF Amber (my favorite esthetician in the world) at Mellow Me Out Day Spa for my scheduled eyebrow sculpting and scheduled a European facial with a glycolic peel for next week (read more about glycolic peels here)! I’ve rambled to her the last two times I’ve been in about how old I’m getting and how I’m seeing fine lines (!) crop up under my eyes! Due to the fact that I was half fish/half human as a child, I spent my life swimming in our pool in 90 and 100 degree weather. I occasionally put a touch of SPF on, but we never worried much… I’m not quick to burn, so I figured it was fine. Well now, I am anal about putting my wrinkle cream on every single day and finding ways to be proactive in fighting aging (better than being reactive I always say)! Per Amber’s suggestion, a glycolic peel is in order to help bring the youth (that I’ve apparently lost at the over-the-hill-age of 23!) back to my peepers. After my wax, I visited my younger sister who was working a few stores down. She looked at me with excitement and asked, “Well, are you excited?”

Not really knowing how to respond (or what exactly she was referring to), I said, “Yes, I have a glycolic peel scheduled for next week and I just got a brow wax.” She looked at me puzzled for a second, as if I had legitimately forgotten that it was the 4th of June. I hadn’t forgotten that it was the 4th, to tell you the truth. I had, however, somehow forgotten that the 4th typically precedes the 5th. And the 5th, during the month of June, happens to be my birthday! I always find it funny and odd that as we get older, birthdays become less of an all-out celebratory event and more of a quaint, family-centered milestone. I have to admit, I am happy with that, though. I like my family quite a bit and I enjoy spending my birthday with them. I suppose it should be slightly reversed — I guess today would be a really good day to recognize that I have had the opportunity to share 23 years of stomachache-inducing laughs, family excursions, midnight swims, graduations and group hugs with my favorite people ever. Maybe that calls for a celebration after all!

I will be spending my birthday evening with the lovely folks at the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce for the Taste of Fair Oaks extravaganza! I will keep you guys posted on how it all goes down (with pictures, of course!) plus keep you in the loop if I’ve spotted new restaurants worth checking out!

Signature Stamp - Shannon


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  1. Posted by Chris on June 5, 2009 at 8:00 AM

    Happy Birthday My Love. You are the most amazing woman I know and I am so happy to have spent 3 Birthday’s with you

    Love Chris!


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