Heavenly Haight!

haight st

Haight Street Birthday, 2008

With my birthday coming up soon, I started thinking about my last birthday and our San Francisco excursion! Due to my love for San Francisco, we drove down to the city for the day and focused our day hanging out on Haight Street to do some low-key shopping. One of the reasons I’m semi-obsessed with the city is because there is so much to do! I would imagine that the people who live in San Francisco tend to be tourists in their own city with all of the sights to see! Typically we’ll concentrate our efforts on Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square for some serious shopping, or Haight Street to people watch and enjoy hippy-dom for the day. Last year at this time, I had an obsession with Haight Street due to a little vegetarian restaurant I had come across called the Peace Cafe. This little spot is located inside of the Red Victorian, a Bed & Breakfast on the corner of Haight & Cole Streets. They have delicious sandwiches and vegan cookies and treats! I love the food since I can always find something to munch on, but it’s the atmosphere that makes it so great.

Red Victorian

They sell loads of items promoting peace (like I said, very hippy and it is called the “Peace Cafe” after all) including cool shirts, paintings, pictures and mugs. Plus, it’s in a prime location to people watch — you never know the things/people you’ll see here! Even better, for students on a budget — it’s a very casual cool joint, not too expensive. Typically $5 – 8 will grab you a bite to eat and a coffee to power your day. Plus, when you exit the cafe you’re just a short walk from tons of super fun and inexpensive shops, Buena Vista Park & the famed Haight-Ashbury intersection.


Hanging out at the Peace Cafe!

It’s a cool way to experience part of the city on the cheap. Check it out!

HappyHippy Travels,


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