Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii {Fit}!

So, in case I didn’t fill you guys in, I’m the proud new owner of a Wii fit. My amazing dad and sister decided that rather than bombard me with sentimental tid bits for graduation, they would give me something fun to busy my mind and body for a school-less summer! Well, the day after opening the package up, I couldn’t get off the thing! It definitely has helped me get the most for my money out of my actual Wii system. I’m not much of a video gamer because I would peronsally rather be active than fighting evil forces in fairy tale land, but this allows me to mesh the two perfectly! We have Wii yoga, balance and hula hooping competitions in our game room and burn calories without even realizing it. Plus it’s way too much fun to be work! It’s seriously the coolest thing ever. PLUS, there’s a Body Test that I run through every day (or at least every day that I hop on it!) that measures my center of balance, my weight and my BMI! I can see how I’m progressing with my weight loss/maintenance goals and what I can do to achieve my goals. Totally fun. I think everyone should own one!

Gotta go join Wii competition in the other room! Ta-ta! 


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