$250 of Love.

I just got the greatest deal known to mankind. At least the greatest deal I have run into. EVER! Up until today, I still needed to book my ticket to London to get everything going for the fall (I mean, seriously — I have my tickets from London to Munich booked, but not my trip from the US to London? A little backwards, maybe.) I have been playing with the 17th or 18th of September because I want sufficient time to get acclimated, open a bank account, set up a cell phone, get a feel for the area, etc. but I don’t want to leave before the 15th, because I want to be in California to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday with her! Well, I was perusing the wonders of STA Travel and I found an unbelieveable deal! When I looked through Expedia, one of my most favorite go-to travel sites, the one-way tickets from San Francisco to London were around $500 a piece. Obviously anything with 1 or 2 stops was slightly cheaper, so that was the direction I was leaning. I figured a stop in Reykjavik, Iceland + 4 hours of layovers would definitely be worth saving $100 or more. Well, on STA this morning I searched the same one-way ticket and I found a non-stop flight from SF to London for $251.00! $251! The ticket itself was $110 plus $130 in taxes plus some other fee they added on. It was so good I had to buy it on the spot just in case it was a mistake (doubtful, but I guess it could happen!) With the British pound getting stronger against the US dollar, I can use all the help I can get in the money-saving department and this saved me about $250 alone! I’m so thrilled. If you’re under 26, this site is heaven. Check it out & save yourself some serious cash, yo!

Much love, lovers!


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